The State of Gaming Reborn #1

I started playing tabletop games at a very young age (10, to be exact). I always had a sense, even back then, that my gaming purchases should be about more than just purchasing a product. The trouble was, every time I bought something locally or online, I never got the sense that my purchase was about anything more than profit. If I called with a question, rarely did anyone know anything about the products I was purchasing from them.

When I started Covenant back in 2007, the goal was to change things. The company was created out of a sense that things could, or rather should, be done better for tabletop gamers. Everything from the way products were sold to the way they were supported through tournaments, event coverage, news, content, products, and so much more, needed a serious overhaul.

It was a little more than a year later in 2008 when we coined what would become our mission: Gaming Reborn. For me, it always comes back to this. Every time we do anything, I ask the team how it’s better than we, or anyone, has ever done it before.

Sometimes this means taking the next step on a battle report by adding special effects or a custom HUD, or upgrading our equipment to offer better visuals or sound. Other times it means making a product or offering a service…or even opening a retail store!

If we aren’t moving toward our mission, toward Gaming Reborn, we re-assess our efforts. It is by this standard that we measure ourselves.

Now, I won’t shy away from the fact that it is the purchases from tabletop gamers across the globe that allows us to do the things we do. But even after doing this for over 6 years, when I see a package heading out the door I don’t see dollar signs or drool over profits.

What I see is the joy of getting a package in the mail, the obsessive focus on deck and list building that will follow, and the countless hours of face to face gaming that will result. I also see our increased capacity to do bigger and bolder projects that we’ve been dreaming about doing for years.

As our customer base grows, I want to continue to ensure that all of our readers, viewers, users, and customers know that for us this truly is about Gaming Reborn. So, starting today I will be to posting consistent updates titled “The State of Gaming Reborn”. In the updates, I’ll review and highlight Team Covenant’s progress toward our mission… all of which is a direct result of your continued support.

Without further ado, The State of Gaming Reborn #1.

Web Content Update

Video has long been a hallmark of Team Covenant. In the past couple of months, we have experienced a huge amount of growth in our YouTube subscriber base. From the beginning of Team Covenant in 2007 until August of 2012, we had grown our YouTube subscriber base to around 300 subscribers. From August of 2012 to December of 2012, it exploded from 300 to over 700 subscribers!

From mid-December to the end of January, a period of about 50 days, our YouTube subscriber count went from around 700 to over 1750 subscribers! That’s an average of gaining 26.9 subscribers per day…and that gets all of us incredibly excited.

The growth is fueled by videos like the following:

Star Wars LCG Tutorial
Netrunner World Championship (Game 1)
Kessel Run Finals
Game of Thrones Top 8 Videos
Wave 2 Unboxing Videos
Game of Thrones Joust World Championship
Millennium Falcon Spoiler
Star Wars LCG Review

And if you think we are ever going to stop making videos like these… think again! I’m amped about a few videos we’ll be revealing soon, so stay tuned. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, check out our YouTube channel.

Subscribers get access to all of our videos anywhere from a half day to a full day ahead of us posting them anywhere else (including right here on Team Covenant). There are certainly benefits to subscribing!

We also relaunched the Team Covenant Podcast, merging all of our game-specific efforts into a single podcast. We’ve hosted our first four episodes and are figuring out the right format for our focus on games. Moving forward we will start with news for all the games we support, followed by an in-depth discussion featuring a single game. Keep that feedback coming!

You can find our first 4 episodes and links to subscribe below.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
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We closed out the month by hosting a Netrunner LCG Blog Contest, receiving 25 entries… making it our largest blog contest to date!

Web Store Update

It was over a year ago that we first introduced the Game of Thrones LCG Chapter Pack Subscription. Back in October, we posted an update to the subscription service that revealed we would now be offering the same type of subscription for the Lord of the Rings LCG, Android Netrunner LCG, and Star Wars LCG.

Since that time, you guys hopped on board with the whole LCG Subscription plan and we’ve been amazed at the continued growth of this service.

We continue to ship the latest and greatest from Fantasy Flight Games all over the world each and every month. You can find all of those LCG subscriptions here, just in case you missed the updates.

Retail Store Update

For those of you not in the know, we opened a retail store in March 2012 so that we could test a lot of ideas that we had for improving the retail experience. So far it’s been an incredible ride.

We recently completed stage 1 of our upgrade plan for the store this year, including getting our mission painted on the back wall of the store and an update to our bathroom, featuring an article about our store in the Tulsa World. The article can be found online here.

During the month of January, we hosted over 20 events that ‘made’, meaning there were at minimum 8 players in attendance. We host an event almost every day of the week and have some pretty epic events planned for the coming months.

You can get more info about our store and see a schedule of events right here.


Between the web store, the retail store, and the community on the website, there is a ton going on at Covenant. We have some big projects we’ve been working on that we will be revealing in the coming months, so strap in and be prepared for a wonderful year.

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support, whether it be posting a blog, posting a comment, buying something from us, retweeting us, sharing something on Facebook, or liking a video. Without a fantastic community behind us, Gaming Reborn doesn’t stand a chance.


  1. Congrats on all that you have accomplished. Your videos have taught me (41YO) and my 10YO son how to play SW LCG and X-Wing Mini. I just wished that we lived closer to Tulsa to be able to visit and play in the store.

    Good luck on continuing to hit your goals for Gaming Reborn!

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  2. I love how open you guys are about your business. It’s really a breath of fresh air. Knowing how much you guys support us, the community, makes me want to continue to support you guys. It’s great to see how much all of you have accomplished with such a small group, in such a short amount of time.

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