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Question of the Day #5: Who is going to win the Galactic Cup?

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July 30, 2014

It’s down to the final four. Who do you think is going to go the distance and be the last man standing?

My pick is fuamatu. I can’t help but cheer for the alabaster hippos.

List and bracket info is here:

      1. Love for 3 lambdas, especially ones with no engine > Hate for Fel…

        Plus you’re running.That’s the online enemy. (Although I secretly hope you do well..)

    1. One of the squads that Dom’s list has lost to is still in the tournament. I think Rekkon has an uphill battle against Dom, so I give Dom the advantage and call that he makes the final table.

      Agedsuperdave and Starslinger72 both have squads that I think can deal with the Dom’s list, if they guess right. I’m not sure who has the edge between Agedsuperdave and Starslinger72. I’m going to call Agedsuperdave here just for his name.

      Agedsuperdave VS Dom in the finals. I think 70% of this match comes down to squad pick. The Question is will Dom play anything other then the dancing hippos?

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