Do you know the muffin man? – Day 2

One of the reason I got into miniature gaming was the look of a model. My two favorite Cthul sculpts are Alpha Ulgoth and Ultra Ancient Osheroth. At some point in the future I’ll have to come up with a good paint scheme for both Alpha and Ultra Ulgoth. He also has some tools to have fun and to win so that is why I picked this monster.

The Alpha form is the poster child for meat shield. He is slow and and has a low defense. He has mediocre Brawl and Power stats. And a blast stat without b-die makes it useless in all but rare situations. He does have Massive to make up for his low defense. Against monsters whose strengths are brawling or power attacks his Volatile is a strength of sorts as he can take two (hopefully no more) and deal one to the other monster without having to roll any die. Against blasting monsters he takes one or two for team but without any retribution. He can gain some p-die for the Ultra with Radial. But overall his contribution to the team is to take one or two for the team.

The Ultra is the work horse of the team. His speed of 6 is decent but without flight it is a bit difficult for him to get to the enemy monster. Because of his low health he better have the enemy monster dead to rights if a Hazard is in his way. His Annihilate combined with decent brawl and power stats make him the threat your opponent wants off the board. The Ultra can power attack for a minimum of 2, even swat for 2 and even blast for 2 if needed, but blasting is not his strength. With a healthy supply of p-die he can back to back and kill or cripple 5 health monsters. Against brawling or power attacking monsters his Volatile is a threat they can’t avoid without Beat Back, Blitz, forgoing an attack or catching him in a position where he can be smashed or Body Slammed to death. His other weakness besides blasting is his low health. If he is not careful he will find himself way behind on the damage curve or dead. His low Hyper stat means he can flex without draining the power pool.

As far as supporting units, Red force field does not do much. The only unit I would put next to him is Kurilik for Rage, but my opponent will most likely be following up my monster turn with his own monster turn and goodbye Kurilik. With blasting the prevalent use for units, Blue Mire is not much unit support, but it may keep your power base safe for a bit and hinder screening for the enemy monster if he’s keeping his turn order open.

So, his strengths are flexing and close combat, and his weaknesses are blasting, being left open for Smashing or being Body Slammed into a building or two and lack of mobility.

To play to his strengths, Ulgoth needs p-die. Muli-Shot from the Cthulabites, Power Gorge from the Nautilus Blaster, and Rage from Kurilik can help to fill up the power pool and support flexing. Radial can also help to make back to back successful and remove enemy screens.