Do you know the Muffin Man (Day 8) — Spawns from hell

My ideal opening would be to use a Nautilus Blaster (or Grunt Bellower)+Grunt Spitter+Tower against a Statue of Liberty for 2P or 3P depending on who leads (3A 3B ~87%). And also a Grunt Bellower (or Nautilus Blaster)+Tower against a mid-board Music Producer for 1P or 2P depending on who leads (2A 2B ~85%). The combos depends on how things line up on the board. If both attack hits it nets me 4P and a mid-board Spawn point.

Being able to only get the 3P combo I would grab an Objective Space or two.

Riverside Rampage
Going with Theorists comment on worst map.

With the possibility of facing a monster in my face on Turn 3 and Turn 4 I will need some P-die. So I will spawn a Nautilus Blaster on a point screening Ulgoth, Summon an Elite Spitter and Leading with the Blaster combine with the Spitter and Tower against SoL (3A 4B v 3 ~ 94%) and gain 3P. I will also try to get a Tower next to a Music Producer with a spawn point adjacent to the Music Producer Spawn a Mollok Beserker and combine with the Tower and brawl the Producer (2A 3B v 3 ~ 79%) for 2P. I could summon a Grunt Spitter instead and lower the odds to ~ 87% and roll an extra A-die on the other attack for the same odds.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams
I think my ideal opening would work on this map as well.

Downtown Beatdown
I think I could try to pull off my ideal opening or even my opening for Riverside Rampage all of Beatdown’s adajacent foundations.