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Do you know the Muffin Man? (Day 11) — Letting the pus build up

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March 24, 2012

Opening that plays to my strength:
Use a Nautilus Blaster+Grunt Spitter+Tower against a Music Producer for 2P (3A 3B ~96%). And also Nautilus Blaster+Tower against a Music Producer for 2P (2A 2B ~85%). The combos depends on how things line up on the board. If both attack hits it nets me 4P and two Hellfonts.

Opening that mitigates my opponent’s strength:
Target an installation, with Cthulabite weakening it. With a Blaster+Elite Spitter +Tower (benefiting from Radar) then I can get a DEF 5 to DEF 3 and have a ~94% chance to hit with 3A 4B. If it is a DEF 6 installation things are not so good. Above attack is ~84% to hit. If I roll an extra A-die. I get ~89% to hit.

Opening that does a little of both:
Summon a Cthulabite. Spawn a Nautilus Blaster and Elite Spitter. Move my Chtulabite so it can target a Music Producer that is in range of the other two units. Use Multi-Shot on two key units or failing that whatever I can hit. 3A 3B is a 96% chance to hit DEF 2. (I can also target a DEF 4 building, bringing it down to DEF 3 and having ~87% chance to hit.) Nets me 3P and opens up a mid-board Hellfont.

Monster openings going second with A-die in my opponents monster pool:
Ulgoth usually has no good reason to cross this early in the game. So, that makes my choices easy.

1) If my opponent can cross, brawl a building for some P-Die and leave two A-Die in my monster pool so I can hyper-up and respond.
2) If my opponent can’t cross, brawl a building for some P-die. Push all remaining A-die. Let my units build up board control.

Monster openings going second with no A-die in my opponents monster pool.
At this point my units will be the ones raking in the P-die and gaining board control, so Ulgoth has no reason to try and gain turn positioning at this point.

1) Brawl a building for some P-die. Push all remaining A-die. Let my units build up board control.
2) Blast a building that might be troublesome for me, but would be sticking Ulgoth’s neck out too far to brawl it. But with no B-die, it would have to be a DEF 3 building to have ~90% to hit with 6A 1P, to get that 1P back. A DEF 4 building would require 2P to have an ~89% chance.

In either scenario it might be best for Ulgoth to hang back and chill, unless of course, my opponent can cross first monster turn.

  1. I find it useful to cross early if I am up against a power base I can hit. Maybe a unit to unit SWAT, or a radial brawl to take out a point and a base structure. Nothing says you can’t back off to threaten healing after sabotaging their power supply.

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