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Spoils: Building my first deck

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May 5, 2012

So, I have been buying B33fy Arcanist Injections to add to my starter decks and a few Rogue Injections. I probably have some more to buy to build a decent deck. But I am looking to see if I can build a viable deck. So below are cards of which I have 3-4 copies. And I’m looking to see if I can build a deck around any of them or I have to do some more fishin’. This is a link to my spreadsheet if you want see all the cards I have:

4 x Shrouded Demon
4 x The Abominable Hamster
4 x Anathematize
4 x Foul Diviner
4 x Perturbatious Warlock
4 x Unimportant Wizard
4 x Virulent Dogmatist
3 x Arcana Department
3 x Brainbath
3 x Evanesce
3 x Fiendish Fez
3 x Horrifying Brain-Monkey
3 x Impeccable Timing
3 x Quotidian Misfire
3 x Recollection Bazaar
3 x Sneaky Mansion

  1. You’d have to define “viable”. Even building a virtual deck with 100% access to every card, it can be hard within some factions to build a deck that can win well against broken decks (like Red Light District, which requires very specific cards to counter). Good news though… Arcanist faction is one that can win against anything, whether you run a second faction with it or not.

    I think you definitely have enough to make a workable Arcanist deck. You have plenty of defensive cards, and plenty of strong characters. Initially it looks like COVERT will be how you try to win, since it’s a built-in bypass so that you don’t need to actually kill enemy characters. If you wanted to add in Rogue, I’m not quite sure if you have enough of the right cards to make it worthwhile yet.

    Just focus on pacing. If your deck discards early, bounces to make late-game discard draws more useful, and can build your threat level fast/consistently while negating damage to yourself… I think you get a good share of wins.

    I’m a huge fan of Sneaky Mansion. It can quickly win by itself if you can get it onto the field. Cards like that are rare — most cards can’t even save you, let alone win you the game from way behind.

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  2. Thanks Theorist. One of the cards I would like to have multiples of is Ashes of Zenobia. To this noob it appears that being able to choose between both drawing a card and playing a resource, or drawing two cards would be advantageous.

    1. Ashes of Zenobia is a draw engine, which is ALWAYS good. You pay out a whopping 7 resources, but even if it gets immediately destroyed without helping you it’s only a 1-for-1 trade. Every turn it gives you an extra card (beyond the first one…which just replaces the Ashes of Zenobia), you are pulling ahead.

      Imagine the game. You have 6 resources out and Ashes of Zenobia in your hand. Before your opponent’s turn ends, you play a few cards/effects to make sure that you won’t get hosed while all your resources are spoken for. Your turn, Ashes of Zenobia and you are out of resources. Opponent goes, makes themselves threatening again. You start your turn, getting an extra card. If you get this far without taking much in repercussions, Ashes of Zenobia has earned its spot in the deck.

      The secondary ability on Ashes of Zenobia, you’ll notice, is really good at momentarily removing enemy threats. You can use it it to help neutralize the enemy board again when you draw a second Ashes of Zenobia (or another high-cost card that will leave you vulnerable). That ability also combines pretty nicely with Gnat and Swarm of Gnats as a board control weapon.

      I actually like Verrucose Brains to help set up Ashes of Zenobia, which creates a really interesting environment that suits Arcanist’s strengths (discard in particular). Technically you don’t “need” Ashes of Zenobia to create the environment, but it’s a strong option when you are just looking to maintain and build control of the game.

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  3. It definitely looks like you should make Covert a focus! Covert + Bounce (Evanesce, Quotidian Assassination, Quotidian Ejector) is strong, and you seem set up to run it well.

  4. I’m not a fan of Ashes. I think it takes too long to be truly beneficial, especially with the Rage builds that are around. I much prefer brainbath (which you already have included). Low cost covert threats can be bomb, especially if you’re packing lots of bounce / removal.

    Note that in a competitive constructed environment things happen quickly. Yes, things like Sneaky Mansion are great if they hit the table. However, everyone packs solid, cheap removal.

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