Spoils: Building my first deck

So, I have been buying B33fy Arcanist Injections to add to my starter decks and a few Rogue Injections. I probably have some more to buy to build a decent deck. But I am looking to see if I can build a viable deck. So below are cards of which I have 3-4 copies. And I’m looking to see if I can build a deck around any of them or I have to do some more fishin’. This is a link to my spreadsheet if you want see all the cards I have: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqCDuLSpA93sdHZNeDh0WmpKYUFyVHJKQ1BIQ2tsalE

4 x Shrouded Demon
4 x The Abominable Hamster
4 x Anathematize
4 x Foul Diviner
4 x Perturbatious Warlock
4 x Unimportant Wizard
4 x Virulent Dogmatist
3 x Arcana Department
3 x Brainbath
3 x Evanesce
3 x Fiendish Fez
3 x Horrifying Brain-Monkey
3 x Impeccable Timing
3 x Quotidian Misfire
3 x Recollection Bazaar
3 x Sneaky Mansion