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  • So, unfortunately Bossk doesn’t actually work with Mercenary Support. Mercenary Support “puts a unit into play”, while Bossk’s reaction triggers when he is “played from your hand”. “Put into play” and “play” are two separate game terms that are distinct and have their own meaning. “Play” means you pay the cost and place the unit […]

  • That’s not quite accurate. If a ship would overlap another ship at its final normal position, it temporarily reduces its speed while keeping the maneuver tool fixed until it can complete a maneuver. Thus it wont necessarily be touching the base of the ship it collides with. After the maneuver is completed, the ships speed […]

  • I agree, it is rather odd having two different initiative systems, particularly where one is only used in the intro game. The only thing I can think of as to why they did it is to give a bit more balance to the smaller fleet action going on in the LTP. With the VSD always […]

  • Perhaps I’m not interpreting things correctly, but your review (and a few of the comments) seem to imply that initiative switches between players every turn. This is a construct of the “learn to play” scenario, and in full games, initiative stays constant throughout the game. IE: whoever is going first turn one is going first […]

  • The one thing that makes Thrawn’s set a bit harder to work with is that it’s a navy set without any resources. Admittedly, it caps out at four cost for the highest thing in there, but I’m seeing this used in decks with a lot of not cheap cards (capitol ships / walkers, Palpatine / […]

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