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Day 3: Mershins.

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June 15, 2012
According to Google, this is a Power Pod.


Power Pod: Fragile but easy to place with transport, power pod can both secure and buildings and offer amplify, and refuel can help get key slow-moving units into position.

How about it, science?


Saucer: Fragile but necessary; there’s no other unit that can transport the power pod or the nullifier pod.

Man, they're gettin' old and smiley.


Vanguard: Fragile (do I detect a theme, Martians?) but they throw good amounts of boost die and have a useful trigger; these are the workhorses of my force.

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain...


Hunter: Nope. A sniper unit without native boost dice? Doesn’t work for me, despite the long range.

Classic example of "Bad Cop/Creepy Blonde Disaffected Cop"


Marauder: Great for the explosion trigger and indirect fire.

I don't have any jokes for this one. And based on this show's ratings, it seems like neither did they. ZING!


Reaper: In a blast-oriented list like mine, the Reaper doesn’t make the cut.



Despoiler: I’ve been on the receiving end of Red Sniper, and I know how damn good it can be. Long range doesn’t hurt, either.

More exciting than a power pod, but with fewer outlets.


Nullifier Pod: Weaken is key for delivering damage to monsters on unit turns, and can help a pack of Vanguards each sniper a unit, for a massive power die upsurge.

Feeble humans! Shiver before my tri-chromatic glory!


Summary: Martian units are fragile, so they won’t stick around for long, but they hit hard, reap power dice, and can either control crowds or blast monsters.

  1. Don’t forget that the Nullifier has Mire. Everyone else WILL forget, so you have to remember.

    Reapers come with Red Energy Cycle, which can actually help out both your unit and morpher turns quite a bit. Although I do rarely take them.

    Now, if Martian engineers would just combine the Reaper with the Hunter again and instead of getting the Despoiler, come up with maybe a Banshee or something…

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    1. Everyone forgets Mire… I forgot it a couple of times at MonCon, I think, but fortunately remembered it most of the times it mattered. Dropping it in the middle of the map on turn 1 can really mess up enemy unit turns. Grapple in the Garden is a great map to do this on, because the Saucer can drop the pod and it can move to the dead center of the map to stop anyone from charging across (G1s… Tornadus… Airborne Ape)

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