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Y oh Y should there be a Y-Wing in the Squad?

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August 29, 2012

Why? Cause they are tuf  SOB’s!

I recorded something to show all the people on the fence still about this game, a look at the Y-Wing expansion pack for the X-Wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games and what it comes with.

Even though these ships got replaced by the X-Wings, they were brought back to some degree because of the amount of damage they can endure. In other words they can take a lickin’ and keep blastin’. Enjoy!

YouTube Link: Y-Wing expansion unboxing.

  1. I’m slowly being swayed to this game, although I still think it’s on the expensive side. Thanks for putting this video on the interwebs, Eric. And nice shirt. 😉

    So I’ve got a general rules-ish question: are the proton torpedo cards specific to the Y-Wing, or can you use them with other ships that can also have proton torpedoes upgrades available? And if they are specific, is there any difference between the Y-Wing’s torpedoes and the X-Wing’s torpedoes?

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    1. Ships have upgrade icons that say what you can use. Both can use the protons, but only the y-Wing has the almighty ion cannon.

      I still don’t get why everyone thinks its so expensive. Even at full Msrp, a starter and four expansions (two regular ties and two advanced) for imperial or two for Rebel is $65-$90 for a full, prepainted army that can switch out to any ship in the game.

      A half decent monpoc army was $90. A starter warmachine army was well over $100.

      1. I too use to think it was pricey, but when you break down what you get it’s not that bad. In the starter you get things like the damage deck and the manuver templates, plus you get things to run 3 different missions. Things you need to run the game. I’ve actualy been thinking of picking us another starter not only to get more Tie ships for that swarm effect, but to have more templates for each player for ease. I don’t want to share! :)

        Trust me this game is worth the fun! My favorite thing so far about the game if the upgrade factor so far. Being able to change what weapons or Droid you take say for Wedge, every game you use him can keep the game fresh and can only get better as FF releases more upgrades.

        Try some demos when you can and then decide on the game. I think everyone will feal like they are in the movies flying one of these ships.

      2. Well, I consider both Monpoc and Warmachine to be expensive as well, so comparing to them isn’t that great. I think perhaps the thing that bugs me the most about the price point on X-Wing is that it’s >$10 for an individual ship. Being Star Wars, even if it’s not really feasible for play, my instinct is to have dozens of fighters swarming all over the place. To do that is expensive.

        I don’t know, I guess I’m still stuck back in the mindset of getting a booster of Heroclix for about the same price, and getting four times as many figures. Don’t get me wrong, I realize that the quality on the ships is significantly higher than that of any of the old WizKid figs. It’s just a hard pill to swallow.

      3. Nick, each expansion is not really just a single ship: You get 3-4 ship cards per pack, which really gives you a lot of variety. To use a WM/H analogy, it’s like buying a box of Blighted Ogrun, but getting everything you need to run Warmongers OR Warspears, min or max, with or without a Warchief, in a single box.

        X-Wing IS still a minis game, and minis game nearly by definition are going to be pricey compared to say card games or board games.

      4. While each expansion gives four options for the ship provided, if I wanted to run two of those options in the same game, I’d need two expansions.

        I think they’ve done a good job in trying to give you more than just a single unit per expansion, but in the end, you still have to buy multiples to get the ships in game. The price point, from all I’ve heard and seen, is based on the quality of the figs. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just hard to wrap the mental wallet around.

        It also doesn’t help that I like to buy in fairly big into a game, both to have a collection full of options and cool looking stuff, and to have enough so that I can get other people to play the game with me using my stuff, as my friends don’t like to dabble with the shiny new games nearly as much as I do.

      5. If you haven’t seen this already, the write up FFG does about squad building is pretty good and gives a nice idea of 2 build options for each faction:

        Looking at the models you would need for the swarm tactics, is about $65 for the Rebels and $75 for the Imperials.

        Looking at the Imperial Swarm, using Darth (with a few upgrades), 1 other named pilot and the rest scrubs – the only way you can possibly field more ships would be to take out Darth and/or his upgrades along with the other Elite guy. This would give you a maximum of 8 ships (sticking with the 100 point games obviously). Are 2 more ships really worth losing out on your two leaders? That’s for you to decide.

        But in terms of cost of entry – to field your first 100 point match will cost about $75 (Core, Tie Advanced x2, X-wing x1 and Y-wing x1). Then you can field for either team and have a fair arrangement of build diversity. Or you can get the standard Tie Fighter expansion instead of the second Tie Advanced model. So yes, the entry price does seem steep. But then you are set and don’t have to purchase more until you want to expand the fleet – or to get that sexy Slave 1!

    1. See, I think this shows our tactical and positioning weakness. I played a game against Ben where he put vader dead center of the board and the one inch maneuver away from a big asteroid knowing that my y-wing would likely be in range.

      Of course, at that point the power of the ion cannon is more in what if forces your opponent to not be able to do instead of what it can do. Still, the ion cannon can ever only do a single damage that is not critical.

      I think the ion cannon is great, but not busted.

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