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A little weird exercise. Monster Insider


4:23 pm
February 11, 2011

William Hepler


posts 131


So I was looking at images on Monsterinsider. 


I noticed the following URL.…..erUnit.jpg


If you change the URL to…../PPS_Mike/

You get a listing becuase PPSMike didn't lock the album.

What I found was this.. Which I've never seen before.


I tried to look further.. Then I noticed another account being used.…..ents-2.png


There quite a few of the images from l288/allskulls, but the album is unfortanately private.

Google Image Search on l288/allskulls shows monpoc and heroscape.. interesting… I'm thinking that Allskulls is one of the modelers, There was an interview for the guy who sculpted MechaChtugrosh so I think it's him.

I think this is the interview.…..p?t=286416

And check this guy out…

Apparently that's part of Horrorclix Cthulhu… Never heard of that.. but Looks really good PP should see if they can buy those molds….


There is also someImageshack images, but can't seem to find a opening there.…..onster.jpg…..rcolor.jpg

Imageshack seems to make it's URL pretty Random to not provide any sort of UserName or Album.

5:51 pm
February 11, 2011

Doug Jacobs


posts 26




Great sleuthing William!  I love seeing original artwork and conception drawings.  Always nice to see how concept becomes reality.

6:15 pm
February 11, 2011

William Hepler


posts 131


Look how big that Horror Clix is…

Really… thats' got to be like 4x6 or more on a monpoc map….

7:40 pm
February 11, 2011



posts 46


That is an amazing picture of the oppressor. (I like how there are little running humans in it as well)

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