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Topps Attax….. Base Ball CCG


4:23 pm
May 12, 2011

William Hepler


posts 131



I know I know… it's pretty simple… likely meant for children.. Man the Starter is only 7.99 for 2 full decks though… So I purchased and played it.. Anyone else check it out yet?


My only hold up is that I'm either missing a rule… or something but it's hard as hell to score.. I feel like maybe the rules could be "Massaged" to make this a funner game…

4:24 pm
May 12, 2011

William Hepler


posts 131


 sorry meant to link to the 2011 one.. the rules are a little differernt.…..-for-2011/

9:30 am
May 28, 2011



posts 22


I'm always interested in sports-related games.  I had a bunch of MLB showdown cards back when that was around, & I dabbled in the SportsClix thing for a bit, too. 


What's your overall opinion of the game so far?

10:57 pm
May 31, 2011

William Hepler


posts 131


It's ok for how cheap it is.. but it needs a few rules to make it better.. right now you get a hit, out, or walk, I would want somethign like a foul ball and there is something that needs to be done about the pitching machanic, There are pitchers that are unhitable by some players. I think something like a dice roll off for the difference in score could help  to make it more "Random" to atleast make it interesting..

My idea's so far is that each player gets a Number for like how well they hit a certain pitch, the pitcher chooses a pitch, and you flip the batter to compare. Normally the high number just wins. I think at like 20 points difference both players should roll white A dice from monpoc equal to every 10 points they have.. IE a 95 or 98 would both roll 9 a dice, count the hits.


Any ties, are considered Fouls.. I sort of like the idea also for something else.. like the lowest score on the card(base score) loses an adice for each foul… or something…


Also there is something to be said for the batter.. I wish a batter had a token they would put face down to try to "guess" the pitch, maybe that would give the player like plus 10 if they were right.. because again it's odd that some batters will be like 60 70 80 and a pitcher will be 80 85 90 so… that batter.. will never.. ever hit a ball from that pitcher.

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