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Mono warlord versus Bankier's locations


3:34 pm
October 11, 2011



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Post edited 3:40 pm – October 11, 2011 by Jakub


I have really powerful bankier player in my neighborhood which is using Gold summits, Yurts and FUMASTs. My main deck is mono warlord aggro deck, and I dont really have response to his location. He has loott of removing cards so Im not really able to kill him fast, so everytime Im forced to try long term game which I cant win coz of those locations. Chain reaction is to weak to deal with them, Nilpha, Trebuchet Officer and Razer are to easy to kill for his deck and Mighty ballista is relativly expensive. There is still Blazing Shriever which is mb easy to kill but Ill be able to respond with is ability + I got Elizabeth in my deck to resurrect some of my characters. So what do U guys think. Whats the best option?

That Guys deck:
Its really old topic thats why It changed a "little" bit but you can figure out his idea.

11:31 am
October 15, 2011



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Implosive Explosion and Blazing Shriever are easy "1 card for 1 location" trades, so I recommend those two cards to handle Gilded Yurt. To deal with FUMAST and Gold Summit, I suggest you sweep the board of enemy characters (which as warlord you should be able to do pretty easily) and attack his locations instead of his faction card. Hold Elizabeth until you absolutely need her… try to make him burn all his in-hand character-kill before she hits play, that way you can use her more than once and maybe stack the deck with a couple of Blazing Shrievers to sort of seal the deal.


Without knowing what is in your deck, I can't say what kind of cards you can drop to reveal&destroy with Implosive Explosion. To handle Gilded Yurt, you really only need a cost 3 card — that is arguably the only banker location (other than Theocratic Senate of Maardun) that you really need a specialized card to kill. Just attack the others, and have enough character kill to make sure you can attack. (If you can't, those locations are the least of your worries and I'd have to suggest a rebuild into something slower/meaner.) Implosive Explosion is a deceptively cheap card — it reads cost 3, but when you flip one of the resources you used to pay for it and then flip Implosive Explosion into play as an unattached resource you've suddenly spent only 2 resources (and lost none).


Of note is that both of those cards are very capable of killing even very large characters, should you face a deck that has no locations. They are always going to be handy cards, always.

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