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He Said, He Said: Huck’s Birthday

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February 23, 2012

When the stars align just so to make a day that we not only record a podcast but it is also our #1 fan’s birthday too… well, how can you say no to that?  Oh, and we also talk MNM, a bit about the Wooley Waffle, but all not nearly as cool or interesting as it being Huck’s birthday.

If you have any topics you would like to hear discussed or would like to come on and discuss yourself, please leave us a comment, or send me an email at robert@teamcovenant.com or just drop Steven or I a line at our respective pages (Steven’s or Robert’s). We’d love to hear from you.

You can find all of our other He Said podcasts here and follow along with out wonderful MonPoc adventures on Twitter too!

  1. Perfect timing guys! You posted this just as my students went to Gym, so I had an opportunity to listen while I did some paperwork in the classroom!

    Just have to refer Steven back to the last blog that Theorist had put out. Stevn you said that you are not able to flex with Mega Aquosia the way you want to”. But that is what YOU want, what does Aquosia want? Have you ever thought that you are not feeling the groove with her, because you are trying to make her do things your way? Be like the water Steven, Allow yourself to flow with her in the direction she will take you! 😛

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      1. Mega’s GRIND as “Poor man’s Lightning Attack”:

        Use 1A to spawn Spy Fly, so target is DEF 4-6:

        6A 4B 3-5P (followed by 4A 2B 1-3P) hits twice ~80% of the time, which is about the same as a monster using Lightning Attack to hit twice at 90% odds.

        Ultra Sky Sentinel throws 7A 3B 1-3P to get those odds.

        So you are spending 2P extra with Mega’s GRIND to get equiviolent odds — poor man’s indeed. EXCEPT that at extremely high P-dice, Mega can land 3 blast damage and Sky Sentinel never can.

        POWER STRIKE (with 13-15 dice then 7-9 dice) on Mega’s blast is going to steal over 3P from the opponent on average, with a pretty good chance to steal far more than that.

        Overall in terms of who has the better blast, Mega Mucustos outstrips Ultra Sky Sentinel in every category except P-dice required to make the attack. Against DEF 7-8 monsters, Mega Mucustos would have to focus on P-dice supply.

  2. I’ve always disliked the whole idea of what I’ve called the “virtual move” when monsters collide with Privateer Press or another monster. The fact that you both move into and don’t move into the adjacent square bothers me because you *do* move into it in terms of taking damage from something hazardous that occupies that square but if that “virtual move” caused you to move off of a hazard somehow you don’t take damage for re-colliding with that hazard. Call me crazy but if something stops you from moving then it should, y’know, stop you from moving.

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    1. If a monster’s face gets smacked into the side of the Privateer Press, I believe it should take damage. I’m for things dealing as much damage as possible — monsters that can land minimum 2 damage plays already have it easiest, without taking the nerf-ball stance toward BEATBACK monsters. Any attack that needs the opposing monster near a hazard/building at all is already harder to use and sometimes useless.

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  3. Huck was thrilled, thank you. He was blushing and grinning and so very pleased to hear you guys wish him a happy birthday…

    But I’m going to have to call BS on you guys claiming ignorance of the simultaneous collision rule on behalf of Zach. I don’t think Zach has claimed it yet, but when he and I played at MCW, I made him well aware of the simultaneous collision rule right after I blitzed through one form to the last. Our last few turns consisted of me trying to get a simultaneous collision into Xix and the hazard Xix was standing on and he knew it could lose him the game. He stuck by his Ape and squashed the big beetle to a pulp as I took multiple swings and misses at him for the attempted win… that was Zach’s day, he won it, but he was aware of the “nuance” of the rules. Can’t we just say Froggies was the better monster that day instead of post game hedging? Congrats to them both, but don’t diminish the win by saying someone was not aware of a rule(again, Zach himself hasn’t said anything, it was you guys, so you should hang your heads in shame.) :)

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