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He Said, He Said: It’s Alive!

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March 1, 2012

When you get just the right news, at the right time, and in the right dose surely it is a sign of good things to come!  Huzzah!

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  1. We most certainly need to implement such changes to abilities and rules. I for one am all for useful disarm/disable, media hub, bomber, shockwave. I am also for making Leviathron less terrible.

    I always assumed there was a movie and that PP’s hands were tied; in fact, many of the people back home (our entire group) either quit flat out or put the game away until new product was to come out, knowing full well that a movie was on the horizon. The ones that quit did so because the game went “non-collectable” and they felt duped after spending a fair bit of money on things like Mega Yasheth or an entire mega collection for SSS. I feel like without product, a game slowly dissolves, and the people who might have been interested grow bitter and reject the new product upon its eventual release; they have a residual bad taste in their mouths that no benevolent “dream” project could extirpate. I guess what I’m trying to say is, it didn’t matter the reason or the outcome, the lack of product has killed it for many. Even recently, where are the quantums for prize support? Their reluctance to give back is disheartening.

    Now don’t let me tread on DC’s or Steven’s dreams here; I am excited that a movie is indeed happening. Also, a cryptic hint from DC that I’m not really sure if Steven cryptically hinted at himself is the use of the word “Dream” in his statement, perhaps alluding to the aforementioned Dream Works. Just speculation; it could be coincidence, of course!

    About MonCon. I hope I can make it. I won’t know for a little while, but when I do I’ll shout it on the rooftops (and also on the site–I’ll likely be looking to share a space with some one!).

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  2. I should also add that I tried to keep people on by telling them every tiny bit of info I found out from TC about the situation with PP. it was, as mentioned previously, to no avail; they quit anyway. And apparently so has the NYC crowd… They still play other PP games, just not Monsterpocalypse.

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  3. Leviathron is the ONLY figure with Radial on a Power Attack. So the Headbutt Radial would only apply to him.

    And yes… I would waffle with Series 6, but at least I’d have the full toolbox instead of trying to play up to Rise Block factions. :)

    On Media Hub, don’t forget that the flip-side is Financier. That could be a reason for that errata, still a bad reason, but it is what it is.

  4. I can think of an “abilities doing more than they’re supposed to” example way back from my beginning MonPoc days. I was unaware that the rules said that you are only allowed one Action per turn because I thought you were allowed to use every Action on every figure once per turn. So I was performing a massive combo where I would spawn two Oppressors, move one of them who then Tows the other, and then the Towed Oppressor moves and Tows the first Oppressor so that they are both adjacent to two enemy units. Finally, I would use Abduct on the two different enemy unit. It’s funny in some ways, but despite my heavy cheating I still didn’t benefit from using all of those actions. Spending a total of 8 a-die to just get rid of two enemy units with no p-die in return wasn’t very effective at all. Still, it did get my slow Oppressors to the other side of the board pretty fast. I certainly felt quite stupid (and slightly crushed) when I found out you can only use one Action per turn.

    While I’m happy to hear some news on the status of MonPoc, I hope it’s not entirely true that PP can’t do anything more with MonPoc until the movie releases. What I really want at this point is for them to just get set 6 out. I wouldn’t care if it took them another 3 years to get the movie and any more new content for MonPoc out, just so long as they finish the Now block for us. Right now, I feel as though we’ve been given two action figures, but one of them is missing its head. My hope is that by PP saying the movie has tied their hands, they are really saying that besides what they agreed to release before the movie, they can do or say nothing else. That way, there is still hope that we will have twelve finished factions before the movie brings interest from the general public into this game. Playing with un-finished factions feels like watching only the first two parts in a movie trilogy. There’s so much more these Now factions might be able to do, the amazing climax and finish is almost here! Please Privateer Press, strengthen my Tritons, save my moles, and I will be satisfied.

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    1. I feel the same way, if they release series 6 I can be patient enough to wait several years for the movie. I really do hope they releas series 6 before the movie because the movie will likely change Monpoc gameplay, and making the last piece of the puzzle different or not at all is just unfair to the long time supporters of Monpoc.

      PP NEEDS to release something to keep the loyalty and support of the fans in order to ensure the game’s future and the success of the movie.

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      1. I would agree. Trying to implement something like this via consensus isn’t going to work. If anything people are designated in some form or fashion, they crank it out and then it’s something that people use or not.

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