AGOT LCG: Singles!

One of the greatest things about A Game of Thrones LCG is the fact that it’s an LCG.  Every month we get a new installment of fresh cards that allow us to experiment with new builds and improve old ones.  Yet for the beginner, or the single house loyalist, there were still some shortcomings.

Many of these we addressed with the Team Covenant House Pack that allowed players to get every single card from an entire series for any house they wanted.  But even then it was just part of the bigger picture.

What we still had left to do was cover the other bases that are the “Singles” cards.  They are all the neutral as well as multi-house cards that otherwise aren’t in a house pack.

To boldly AGOT where no one has AGOT'ed before!


We have nearly everything added, save for the cards from the Brotherhood without Banners series, which was until very recently out of print, but we will be adding those as well within the coming days.  Not to mention singles from the Core box too!

So, if you’re missing a couple of cards that would really help to cement your collection or just get your deck to where it needs to be, bounce on over to the singles page and give it a spin!

  1. Buz… you may be surprised at just how bad of a player I am 🙂

    Nathan JUST schooled me on how stupidly I was using Hatchling’s Feast (or technically NOT using it when I should have been)… so I’m still obviously clueless about some interactions and the best way to play them. *sigh*

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