AGOT Regional: Joust Finals Video

There were lots of fantastic games player at the Game of Thrones LCG regional we hosted a few weeks ago. Few of those games were as anticipated as the Greyjoy Choke v. Greyjoy Choke that ended up being the joust finals with both Steven and Jake sitting at 3-0. Below you can watch every HD moment of what ended up being one heck of a game. Enjoy!

  1. I think you made the right play in S&D rather than At the Gates. With the Sparr out, you would have tied for initiative, and with fewer power he would have had the choice of going first. So he would have had his plot go off first and Wendamyr wouldn’t have been able to save Asha.

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  2. This was incredible. Really enjoyed watching the match. The commentary and the graphics made it *very* entertaining. I’d happily watch more of those. Did a great job. And yeah, very easy to miss all the little triggers and rules – it happens! 🙁

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  3. Yeah, no worries at all.

    I just got done playing a game earlier today where I may have made perhaps a billion errors. It happens and I’d be surprised if anybody that day played a perfect game.