Core Set House Packs and Singles Now Available!

It seems like ages ago that we first started playing the Game of Thrones LCG… Like everyone else, we started with one core set. After a couple of games you would hear any one of us saying things like ‘Man, I could really use one or two more of those Milk of the Poppy’s’ or ‘Why do you get to use our copy of Valar? I want to use it.’ As a group of four people sharing one core set, things got sticky fast. Even within our respective houses we soon realized that we needed more core sets. $70 later and we had three of each card in the core set… and there have still been some near team breaking arguments over who gets to use two of our three The Power of Blood plots!

For us, it wasn’t necessarily awful because there were four of us. That’s only $20 each (beyond the first core set) to get three copies of each card. But considering you can buy nearly every chapter pack for about $500, spending $100+ just to get 3 of each of the core set cards is typically not an investment a new players wants to make. With that same $100 we spent on our core sets, we could have instead opened up 20% of the total card pool… For most players it’s a difficult choice.

Today, we are finally making available all of the goodness that is the core set without having to purchase the entire box! If you don’t happen to have three friends to split things with, you are keen on a handful of houses, or you really just need a couple of cards, this is for you.

Core Set House Pack – For just $9.97, you get all of the core set contents for a single house! If you already have one starter, picking up two of these for any one house would guarantee that you have three of each card from your respective house!

Singles – We’ve also added all of the core set neutral and non-house specific cards to our AGOT singles catalog. This includes cards like The Power of Blood, Valar Morghulis, and Milk of the Poppy.

At this time, everything from the core box is in stock. We will do our best to stay in stock of these items!

  1. So…. any chance we might see some big box singles? Really need some more Superior Claim baby! Honestly, my buddy is building a deck and he needs Superior Claim and he can’t have mine!! (I’m using my 3X copies already!)

    So… any chance? Maybe? Also… is there a way I can get an alert when more Flame-Kissed cards are available? Need 2X of those.

    Targ Burn is here to stay – been in since the beginning and only getting stronger. I will beat Greyjoy Choke… I will. 😉

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  2. I was afraid of that. The Big Boxes are difficult to break out. Most of the stuff in there is really pretty house specific… but there are just those gems in each one that are included in a LOT of decks (regardless of house):

    – Princes of the Sun has Make an Example
    – Lords of Winter has Take Them By Surprise
    – Kings of the Storm has a LOT: Forgotten Plans, Lineage and Legacy, Narrow Escape, Superior Claim, and The King’s Law (hmmm all of that might make it worth a second copy…)
    – Queen of Dragons has Alliance (agenda), Dissension (weak, but popular), Favorable Ground, Loyalty Money Can Buy, and Muster the Realm
    – Lions of the Rock seems very focused on benefiting Lannister – not as many widely used cards from that box (I wish each box would have done the same)

    It’s a shame FFG put widely versatile cards in single House big box expansions. Superior Claim is such a great Dragons Melee card (esp with Heir to the Iron Throne), I can’t imagine playing without it, but I had to buy Kings of the Storm to get it. Until I had a buddy decide to play some Baratheon stuff recently, most of the cards in that box did nothing for me.

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