Episode 18 – GenCon Recap

GenCon has come and gone in a flash, but man was it a fantastic time. Join Steven, Zach, and Jonathan as they give their take on one of the world’s biggest tabletop gaming conventions.

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Intro: Karma – How Ya Feel
Outro: Hanon – Wonderpeople

  1. Very cool, great to hear from Jonathan, whom I have not yet heard from/of since I haven’t listened to any older pod casts before episode 1. It has been four years since my GenCon experience and I was there to judge for the WoW TCG so only had 2-3 hours on Saturday to see anything.
    GenCon is such an awesome experience I really do need to make an effort to get out there next year and your podcast and videos really do bring the experience to the audience. Thank you so much.

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