Game of Thrones 2.0

I’m sure that a lot of veteran GOT players are upset at the second edition.  I know that if I had been playing a game for over a decade, and after spending hundreds of dollars on it, I’d have a feeling of abandonment.

However I feel that Fantasy Flight has made a wise decision for several reasons.   The first is the intimidation factor for new entry level players.  I can them going into a FLGS and approaching the wall of chapter packs and stacks of big box expansions almost as high as the ice wall itself.  If you add in all the new mechanics, eratta, and changes implemented at different times, it’s enough to scare off new players.

The next is that the game engine is showing it’s age.   Fantasy Flight has decades of experience now with LCGs, and the latest generation are very streamlined.  It’s very hard to retrofit new mechanics, new icongraphy, and new play styles into an aging engine.

By rebooting they will fix both broblems.

I’m looking forward to it!