Game of Thrones: Regional Announcement

It’s time to kick off the Game of Thrones LCG season! Check out this list of ridiculously solid prizes available at each regional event:

• 1 Regional Champion 2012 trophy
• 1 Signed and certified Regional Champion 2012 certificate
• 2 Sets of engraved wooden house cards
• 2 Complete, uncut sheets from a recent A Game of Thrones Chapter Pack
• 4 Full-color A Game of Thrones: The Card Game playmats
• 8 Large glossy art prints
• 16 sets of 6 double-sided limited run House cards (96 cards total)
• 1 “Sansa prize” – Card box from a recent Game Night Kit for the last place player
• A Large 5’ x 2 Regional Championship 2012 banner to be displayed at the venue

And the prestige to go with it! Regional champs will also receive a first round bye at the world championship, so winning the title is that much easier!

You can view all of the Regional events here. From what we understand, the number of events has certainly gone up, especially on the west coast.

Also, look at that wiley store hosting an event on April 21st in Tulsa! Who wants to come play some AGOT?