1. Im confused at what happened in the first round …the announcer are talking about initiating the challenge then playing dissension ?

    Dissension can only be played in the marshalling phase, also why didnt he use kerwin to save himself in the challenge phase ? nightmares would have wore off after the marshalling phase.

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  2. Yeah Dissension is a Marshalling only event. He used Nightmares on Kerwin to blank him, then hit Farwynd with Dissension during Marshalling. Steven was just wondering why he wouldn’t use the Dissension during challenges…he just didn’t know when you could play the card.

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  3. let me finish what I was saying…

    I love both cards, and they have so many applications. Every deck basically runs Refugees or some form of Ally so Dissension is great. Not every deck plays events without an influence cost so Paper Shield could be a dead card at times. As could Dissension vs certain houses. It’s really all about which card you personally prefer.

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  4. The ceiling of usefulness is way different on those cards.

    Dissension will off one characters (and more rarely two characters). If you have trait manipulation like Lion’s Gate, Dissension gets really useful because it can hit almost anything and sometimes one anything and their refugee. If you don’t have trait manipulation, it offs what is usually one of their weaker characters and helps you only a little. So immediately this card’s strength hinges on what you do to support it.

    Paper Shield on the other hand aims right at certain events that otherwise cause you trouble. If they don’t play said events, you are holding Paper Shield but don’t face any of those problem events either. If they do play them, Paper Shield helps mitigate the first or most damaging ones. You don’t need to do anything to support this card for it to do what it does, although I’d suggest a draw engine so that the “dead draw” possibility means less.

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  5. You’re certainly not at the point to say “I told you so” yet, as I’m definitely not convinced πŸ™‚

    With Trait manipulation, sure. Without, it certainly would never get my event slots.

  6. Well, it was certainly meta choice. Lots of Martell and Targ in the environment means that Dissension will have a good amount of juicy targets and vs other houses it still has characters that it can take out. So it’s not really a wasted card. If the Meta were nothing but Bara and Stark you probably leave these at home.

    Well, Steven, I do remember a certain someone saying on their podcast that they don’t see high level players playing this card and that no winning decks play this. I think I defended this card for the better part of a week. Maybe longer…and multiple times. It’s a meta card and when the state of the game calls for it, this card is amazing…just sayin’. πŸ™‚

    I certainly like having my thoughts validated on video for the world to see. So thanks for a great video! haha. No seriously, you guys did a great job as usual and certainly made the game more interesting with your commentary. I mean lets face it, that drubbing the Greyjoy player got at the hands of Stark made for a boring game after round 1. I pretty much knew it was over after I saw the setup and their opening hands.

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  7. I will say the camera angle was amazing, who did you have to beat up to get that spot? It was great to catch glimps of both their hands. And that Stark player shuffled through his cards so fast I kept wondering if the video was speeding up!

    Also I will agree the commentary was excellent. I was surprised you were talking about what was in their hands. How far away were you from the table?

    And did anyone else notice the late placed Renown on the Blackfish? I sure did!

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  8. Thanks so much guys. It really means a lot to us. We’ll keep pushing as best we can!

    BTW Jonathan, I was running Quorin in a deck the other day and was dominating with him. Great job, and great to meet you as well!

  9. I want to echo my buddy Jonathan here. TC definitely has the best Gencon coverage that I have seen in quite some time. Loved the interviews. Especially the one with the Melee winner, Mike. Such a great guy.

    I agree also about the taste in games. The only game you guys support that I don’t play is The Spoils. The new additions I haven’t looked into yet(other than Netrunner), but I do enjoy Warmahordes, Monpoc, AGoT, Summoner Wars, and the LotR LCG. So keep up the good work guys!

    Oh, and I guess Qhorin is OK. That’s some crazy looking Wildling attacking him though. πŸ˜€

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