The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 11

We just got done with the Thrones Regional at The Covenant Store in Tulsa, OK. Join us for a discussion on the decks that were there, the players that were there, and what to watch out for as we move forward this season!

0:00 – 9:45: Core Game Updates
9:45 – 41:00: AGOT Regional Discussion

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Intro: Zoe Zoe – Church (from Maya Jane Coles “DJ Kicks”)
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. I was 100% kidding. I’m totally honored by the article and loved it. Hopefully you’ll be writing another article about the deck I plan to take to Springfield in the future. 🙂 Seriously though, was stoked to see that article after someone alerted me to it.

  2. There was mention at the end of a Clansman TLV deck. What do you believe Clansman lack that TLV will help? Draw was never really the problem when I’ve tried Clansman decks… just curious about what you believe TLV brings to the table (or does TLV just make everything better, like cheese)?

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  3. Yeah, I’m assuming you’d have ways of discarding cards or you would have to play enough gold to barf out as many Clansman as possible (or put them into play in other ways). I’m just trying to honestly tell if TLV is the new hotness to try with everything or if a deck like Clansman can rise up because of TLV.

    I was running Dothraki for a similar test and haven’t decided yet. When the new CP comes out, though, I’m probably going Griff as a character agenda there… those Screamers are so, so good…

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  4. No prob…just some gentle poling of fun back at you 🙂

    For sure I’d like to be in on your winning Springfield deck. I heard a rumor that you are looking to the Grass Sea and the Dothraki. I’ve made them my next focus of deckbuilding now that I’ve solved the Dragon Maester rubix cube. We should compare notes…..

    Heir to the Iron Throne is great, but so is the Braided Screamers and their search, so you should use Griff….but do you use Weapon attachments and Fighting Pits or do you use just events and make it so he’s hard to kill……many questions that need answers.

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  5. The standard thinking with Clansmen is that they don’t want cards. That leads to a deck that looks strong on T1-T2 but that gets Valar’d, or Bleeds’d, or whatever, and then top decks until it gets beat.

    All decks need card draw, and the more the better. Clansmen are cheap and easily reduced, so there’s no problem getting them out of hand, even if you were drawcapping every turn. They also have discard mechanics built in, making them chuck cards even more easily.

    Clansmen are also slow. They don’t rush to a win, but overcome mid-game with huge claim, huge strength, and perma-defense on Military. TLV gives them the staying power, finally, and allows them to use Pentoshi, Castellan, or even Narrow Escape as their restricted rather than the always-tempting Cache. There’s lots of them, and aside from Tyrion/Timmett, there’s no real “critical” players. Just spam out as many as you can, every turn.

    Every deck that used to crumble to the mid-game control/Valar should be considered for TLV. That’s why you see Dragons, Dothraki, Bara Rush, etc. Clansmen should definitely be added to that list. Especially because the new Tywin may as well be a clansman. He will do to Clansmen what Asha did to choke.

  6. I agree that every theme needs draw, but what I still legitimately don’t get is what TLV adds that the normal draw cards from Lannister don’t get you already. Dothraki, Dragons, Bara Rush… all of these themes had draw problems that TLV helps to remedy. Clansmen never really had that draw problem for me…

    I accept that there’s something I don’t get – I’m really trying to learn.

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  7. Awesome podcast! Loved the regionals recap from Zach and Steven. I can’t wait to see more of those top 8 games!

    Also, thanks for the shout-out, Steven. That’s always nice. You know…since I like to hear people talk about me. 🙂 Seriously though, I’m really glad your Raider deck did well and that my suggestions worked out for you. Any time you want to bounce some ideas off of me hit me up. Same goes for Robert and Zach too if they ever have ideas they want some feedback on.

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