The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 7

As you can tell by looking around the site, the Game of Thrones FAQ has made quite a splash. Join Robert, Zach, and Steven as they give their take!

0:00 – 9:55: News – Wave 2, Covenant TemplatesFantasy Flight Updates
9:55 – 57:50: Thrones – The new FAQ; the precedent, and what it means for the game.

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Intro: Youngsta – Destruction
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. Wait, Grey Joy only plays one character per-turn? Oh, i forgot that Marched To The Wall lets you choose what character i lose. ((Being sarcastic.)) Oh, i also forgot that your going to draw Enslaved first turn against Grey Joy Maesters every time you play them.

    Grey Joy Maesters can flood the board on the first turn of the game along side a massive amount of saves. ((Not talking about saving to Marched To The Wall, just mean Valor wont be great.)) Also Grey Joy Maesters is starting close to 6 cards less in the deck then you are. They have a ton more cancels then Lannister does too. They will probably be able to stop any kneel affect that you will get out. White raven can also be searched for if your in immediate need of it. Granted, most of the time it is 2nd turn of the game when it becomes winter and even if you do enslave the Maester, it is likely that they will get it back the next turn later.

    You also have to consider that Grey Joy is going to a lot better setups then most other decks will this format. With them playing at a 54 ish card deck plus still being able to get a 5 or 6 card set up pretty regularly. They can basically go through a third of their deck on average before they even draw for their first turn. ((counting the 6 chains as if they are cards drawn out of the deck. Its not perfect math but its close enough.))

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  2. I actually saw the flaw of what i said in the first paragraph just now. Your talking about Marching the maester when it is on your board. Well, thats fine and all, but in your case, your taking the maester on the first turn of the game there is no chains on it. So…….Yeah, you don’t lose any chains in your scenario. If you plan to do it second turn while they have chains on it, then your giving them even more time to draw all the answers to your combo.

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  3. No but Marched lets me choose which character I lose(which will be the Maester I stole from you).

    No deck is perfect and every deck is going to have bad matchups and even bad draws. I destroyed a Greyjoy Maester deck running Colclaves with my Lanny Maester deck. Does that make my deck better? No. It just depends on the draw you get as to how your deck performs. Greyjoy Maesters can lose just like everthing else.

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  4. Not saying it can’t lose like every other deck, i’m just saying that they still have answers to attachments even without the Tin Link, which was your argument for Enslaved getting a lot better against Grey Joy maesters. It may get batter, but its not like they don’t have answers to it.

    Also, the only Lannister decks being played in are Meta is HOD tunnels which i played against last night with Grey Joy Maesters. I’m personally new to playing Grey Joy, so i missed some triggers but he did manage to get two enslaves on my Maesters while i had Winter Time Marauders. I didn’t realized that i was able to get rid of the enslaves until the turn that he gave me the game though. Again, i’m new with the deck. However, i had such control over the game that it didn’t matter, he was only getting 2 gold a turn to use. He just wasn’t able to keep up. ((No its not choke, it just has elements of choke to fill out the curve))

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  5. Well, in the current meta, i’d agree with you on that. In the last meta, i don’t feel like that was true. However, that was the only thing the guy could rebuild as he hadn’t seen the restricted list until the day of the tournament.

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  6. I think in the last meta Lanny KotHH was an amazing build that nobody stumbled onto until it was too late. I had a brutal HH deck from Lanny that had very few losses. I routinely beat Stark murder, other Lanny decks, Martell KotHH was a pretty easy matchup, and Greyjoy and Bara I walked all over. Targ was the only matchup I feared. Everything else I would almost laugh at. I think in the new meta I can rebuild it to be nearly as good without losing much of what made it really sing.

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  7. Hi erm I’m new here so I don’t know if it’s rude to ask or if I’m not allowed to but Steven is it possible to view your deckset? I’m playing Greyjoy HoD/LIV right now and hmm logically it’s a 5 gold start, but just wondering how you pull it off with low gold cost plots. I tend to rely heavily on my euron’s enforcers thus having a hard time playing them unless I play plots like muster the realm/crossing the ruby ford/take them by surprise. Secondly I honestly think I have too many cards in my deck, I total to 70 right now. Which results in some really poor draw. I’m not sure what I supposed to be focusing on so rather playing everything I can.

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  8. I’ve learned not to rely on Enforcers since everyone just controls big guys. I think I’m down to 1 in the deck.

    It’s all about Bay of Ice and LiV, tons of low-gold locations and characters, Ambitious Oarsman (the solution for your Enforcers issue), and high initiative plots. You can also run the dual-River plots to get two turns of card draw. My only problem with it is that it conflicts with Bay of Ice for a turn.

    I don’t have a decklist saved and it changes so much that I can’t even tell you exactly what’s in there right now 🙂 But if you have questions I’d be happy to answer them.

  9. Saying that your opponent won’t always get the answer they need first turn, and then saying you will get great setups with maesters and saves and fleets and leets and awesome sauce seems a little unbalanced. 2 cents given.

    I have been tempted to make my new GJ deck a Maester deck, but I’m not sure I’m ready to rely on a few characters like that when burn can just destroy the few maesters you have. Or GG can bounce them or Lanni can kneel them or Stark can blank them (meera) or anyone can blank them (nightmares).

    YES, GJ has cancels to burn, but a burn deck has 55 cards that burn you (and 5 econ cards) while any GJ deck does not have 55 cancels. Just wait till I make a champion card a Maester Chain that cancels Triggered effects!!!

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  10. For draw I’m currently running Longship Iron Victory (HoD), Longship Silence and Bay of Ice. I’m toying with some events or attachments that allow me to draw when I play them but those keep changing.

    I still run 2 enforcers in my deck. They just win challenges when I get them out. And if they get controlled then that still leaves your other cards uncontrolled.

    I know we talked about it, but if you have Bay of Ice out when you use your river plots, you are simply giving your opponent card draw (with BoI) and getting one from your plot. When you trigger it again you are potentially getting 2 (1 for plot and 1 for BoI). But otherwise the plots don’t offer much. The 3 and 2 g (respectively) are not that great. I think you’d be better off running King’s Law to help ensure draw off Boi and some other high initiative card.

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  11. oh yea, for some reason I assumed he was using the 2/5/2 plot since it was 2 claim, and I forget they made a River plot with good gold! 3 initiative on the Ford makes Boi a risk again too however.

    Though if you can play those before getting Boi on the board (or with a lot of cogs also in play) then it is alright.

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  12. Great episodes! I downloaded and listen on my way to work. I was wondering where the YouTube review of The Great Fleet was. Also interesting discussion about X-Wing big ships and ion cannoning them off the board. I haven’t run into that myself, but it does give me mental chow for tactical consideration. Thank you.

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  13. I’m still new to the game so something I might not be understanding about the Restricted List. It says one card can be picked for use in a deck, but not in combination with any other restricted card, following normal deck building rules.
    Accordingly a Refugees of one kind could have three copies in a deck. I thought I read somewhere that something on the restricted list meant only one copy could be in the build, which would make plot cards on the list a head scratcher.
    Anyone help enlighten me on this?

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  14. You can have the maximum number of any restricted card in your deck (3 for a standard card, 1 of most plots), but you can only use one restricted card. For example, you could have 3 of the same refugee in a deck. You couldn’t have that refugee and any other restricted card in your deck.