The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 8

It’s a tale of two fleets – X-Wing Wave 2 and The Great Fleet Chapter pack! Listen in for grim tales of Slave 1 going off-board and our picks for best and worst cards!

0:00 – 5:50: News – LOTR Preview Freakout
5:50 – 16:10: X-Wing  – Wave 2 Initial Report
16:10 – 43:44: AGOT – The Great Fleet Review

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Intro: Seawash – Close (Vox)
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. Just started listening to this episode. Haven’t made it the Great Fleet review yet, but I do find it personally interesting that you guys swapped to Top/Bottom at almost exactly the same time we swapped to full reviews. Weird. 😛

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  2. Here is the problem with Quentyn. Its true, he is a good 3 gold character. I still feel like he is decent. Though, the problem with him is that he is sitting in a character slot that is so over populated in martell with good 3 cost characters that he gets over shadow. The other problem is that he is sitting in a theme that is not being played right now. For all the current martell decks, he brings nothing new to the table. He has stealth, cool, we have lost oasis for that. He gains 2 power when he dies, High Septon is better in the current builds that are being played. He just doesn’t bring anything new to the table.

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  3. I think you underrate Pentoshi Deckhand a bit. He’s better than just a filler claim soak card. That 1 reduction to your next ambush character can be useful. If he saves you from overpaying (i.e., having to use The Red Keep for a 2-coster, or kneel two influence sources instead of one for a 2+ card) even once before you kill him for claim, keeping an influence source available for Incinerate (or the threat of it) or the like, he’s more than earned his keep.

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  4. Yeah, but what about the situations when you have the 2 influence on the board? It is a LOT more likely to have 2 influence open for a 2 influence character then to have 3 open for a 3 influence character. Partly because Targ KOTHH already starts with 2 inlfuence in play. It just doesn’t save you anything really. Targ generally has 5 cards with 2 Influence on them. When your going to ambush a 4 influence card into play, you don’t need to be reducing it by 1 when there is no way for you to only pay 3 to put it in play. What if you only have cards with 2 influence in play? He just doesn’t do you any good then. Your not actually getting a reduction for him. At the end of the day, he is situational good. That just isn’t good enough to be run in Targ KOTHH.

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  5. Agreed. I don’t think there’s any real downside to this guy. Is he an auto-include? No way. But, he’s a 1-drop Intrigue chud with a Naval Enhancement with an Ambush reduction. Plus, he’s non-unique – get two on the board and there goes the argument for even-costed ambush guys.

    Again – not saying he’s amazing. He isn’t. But, overall, there are decks that can make good use of him in my opinion

    I actually run him in my Army deck – pulling off a three-claim Intrigue challenge during Naval Superiority is pretty nice against some matchups – when does Targ get to pull that off?

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