The Team Covenant Podcast: Episode 1

It’s a big moment! After 6 years of podcasting, we’re condensing it all into one universal podcast, The Team Covenant Podcast. We hope you’ll join us as we discuss our favorite games, the intense moments that they bring, and the fantastic communities that they foster.

This episode: Steven, Robert, and Zach discuss the trajectory of TC’s active games, with a special focus on Heirs of Numenor and the first game of the Netrunner World Championships.

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Intro: Kahn – Tehran
Outro: Hanon – 6to4

  1. I’m hesitant to support the new format, but I’ll give it a go. With a single, all encompassing podcast it can be really tempting to go into every game/every time and that leads to show bloat. Please, please, PLEASE keep the podcasts under an hour. I loved the fact that your game specific podcasts were right at 30 minutes which was perfect for me. I just subscribed to a bunch of game specific podcasts and all of them run 90-120 minutes with the occasional 3 hour whale showing up. I don’t have time for that!

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  2. The inverse was true for the game-specific casts, like right now with AGOT and Spoils. There’s just no new content and while we can fabricate things, it’s not as good as it would be if there were truly exciting things happening for those games.

    This way, we can focus on what’s really kicking for our games!

  3. I echo the above sentiments! I have missed listening to your podcasts! I even listrened to the “Two Guys One Throne” ‘cast for a while, but seeing as I didn;t really know the game, I quickly lost interest.

    Look forward to listening to this! Hopefully there will be some Summoner Wars content soon!

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  4. Argh!! Soooo sneaky!! I am now feeling the urge to buy other games. Curse you TC!!

    (By the way, I also add to the kudos for the great cover art)

    ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Must…. resist… must… not… listen…. [what did he just say about Lord of the Rings and bar brawls?] STOP!

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