[Video] Martell KotHH v. Stark Bolton

This may be one of the best matches that we’ve ever recorded. Watch as the terrifying Boltons, at the hands of Sean Clemons, attempt to bring Tim Rowe’s Martell Hollow Hill to its knees. One you won’t want to miss.

  1. Yes, that would be great. Every Wednesday, there’s an OCTGN stream at twitch.tv/hundredcardhero .

    Even if there isn’t the large amount of production as in these videos (or any, really), it’s fun and very useful to the community.

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  2. Hahaha. Ok…the commentary is amazing.

    Steven – “What did they just play? No clue but it looks like a (insert random Targ/Stark/Bara/Martel card). What does that do again?”

    Robert – “Oh gosh, I need to look that up. I think it does ___(totally way off). Man that’s so good! Lanny would kill for that.

    Steven – “Ridiculous! It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out after that.


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  3. Generally, it’s every Wednesday night at 8PM. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but it’s fairly regular.

    Just go to twitch.tv/hundredcardhero

    There should be some old broadcasts, though they don’t save them all I’ve discovered. If you subscribe to that channel, you get an email when they go live. There should also be some videos there, but not nearly all of them.

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  4. I’m not joking. They’ve totally spoiled me. And when they are trying to figure out what a card is I like to shout card names at the screen like I shout answers when I’m watching Jeopardy. (Both scenarios make me feel smarter. Not sure which one is more effective at doing so, however. My percentages are probably better in Thrones than Jeopardy.)

    Seriously, they put FFG to shame, though. I enjoyed FFG’s video coverage of Worlds, but they don’t even have a decent website that can showcase it. And it was the first time they’ve done that, or at least that I can recall, and I half wonder if they did so because of these videos. Team Covenant rocks. Makes me wish I lived in Tulsa. 🙁

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  5. Rush wasn’t ever a problem with this deck. Even in the current build it isn’t really a problem. The problem that i’ve run into really is Greyjoy. In the previous meta, Greyjoy wasn’t nearly as big as it is right now. At least in are area. Now that Greyjoy has become the new hotness around are parts, this deck has sadly been put on the back burner as i’m still trying to figure out the counter to Newly Made Lords. I’ve got a idea how to play around them, it just requires dropping control cards from the deck to do it and i don’t want to do that.

    If i remember correctly, this was the list that i played at this top 8. The next one which was after this FAQ was a lot different.

    Plots 7
    The First Snow Of Winter
    Rule By Decree
    Take Them By Surprise
    Breaking And Entering
    A Loyalty Money Can Buy

    Characters 25
    3 Orphan Of The Greenblood
    3 Dornish Paramour
    3 House Messenger
    1 Syrio
    3 Palace Spy
    1 Ser Arys Oakheart
    1 Dagos Manwoody
    1 Edric Dayne
    1 Arriane Martell
    2 High Septon
    2 The Red Viper
    1 Doran Martell
    3 The Viper’s Bannerman

    Locations 18
    3 Summer Sea
    2 Dornish fiefdom
    1 Tyrosh
    1 Street Of Silk
    1 Street Of Sisters
    1 Shadowblack Lane
    2 Palace Fountain
    2 Kingsroad Fiefdom
    1 The Red Keep
    2 Ghaston Grey
    2 Lost Oasis

    Events 17
    3 The Prince’s Plans
    3 Red Vengence
    3 Westeros Bleeds
    3 He Calls It Thinking
    3 Parting Blow
    2 Much And More

    I believe this was this list that i took to this top 8. The only thing i’m unsure of is if it was The Scourge or Lost Oasis that i played at this top 8. Either way i didn’t see it but for the Moonboy i played this exact list but the Much and Mores were switched out for Condemned By The Councils.

    The current build of this deck is doing something more based on what i like to call the Red Viper lockdown. Ghaston Grey + Viper + Lost Oasis in a noble theme. Newly Made Lord kills it though. Also uses stuff like Pyromancer’s Cache and the Heralds to get viper/any other noble i need to my hand faster.

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  6. Tulsa is boring, you don’t want to live here. XD About the only thing to do around here is the hobby gaming stuff. I think thats always why it is such a surprise to other metas that Tulsa is so strong.

    Note: Not talking about Thrones. I’ve been in card games for about 12 years now and i’ve always heard the metas around Tulsa underestimate us and then people go out of state and make a really good showing. Most metas tend to be like “Where did that come from?”. Its rather funny at times.

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  7. Yeah NML is tough but that’s only 3 cards out of 60 to worry about. I know a couple of you guys have a major hard on for Palace Spy but that card is just so inefficient. I would rather play 3x Flea Bottom Scavengers and get some draw capabilities. That’s just me though. 🙂

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  8. You guys should just move here. Don’t listen to Tim; Tulsa is FANTASTIC! I think we have more restaurants per capita than anywhere else in the world (don’t fact check that 😉 ) and the BEST AGoT meta and the ARKANSAS RIVERBED (used to be a river but it is always mud now) and CHEAP HOUSING and HEY AT LEAST WE AREN’T WESTERN KANSAS!

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  9. I don’t like scavanger because of it being dead in the mid game. Spy is just consistent you know you will get a card. If draw is considered to be 1.5 gold then searching for a card you want is 2 to 2.5 gold. The rest of the card makes up for its cost In my opinion. Newer build of this plays 12 2 cost characters. The gold curve is just really low.

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  10. Josh and Tim have been having success with it I think in part due to the fact that they are running 6 events that cost 4 influence (Bleeds and Princes Plans) and 3-6 more that cost two each (RV, Gentle Prison, Words are Like Arrows) which is probably a bit higher than usual on the influence curve out of those decks. In that case, you pay what you need for the influence. In most cases, I think the other cards are more efficient. I myself never used it, but it was effective in that particular list.

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  11. Zach, I think live streaming a game of the night Is a great idea, to just stream the game with audio would be super easy, Something like the top game of each tournament? Getting graphics on there would be a little more difficult, but would be doable as well.

    I’d totally volunteer to help figure out the best way to some of that stuff 🙂

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