1. I watched this a few days ago on YouTube. It’s a great video and I hope you do more in the future. It’s always good to hear opinions on cards and without the thrones-only podcast, this is a nice way to hear your thoughts on an entire chapter pack at once.

    Your video production is always top-notch. Very impressive.

    I will say that, in my opinion, the Bara fleet may compete for the #2 fleet spot. That stealth with Massay’s Hook, a rather common Bara card, can really be impressive if the fleet survives any mercenary hate.

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  2. I agree that the Massey’s Hook thing is strong and I should have mentioned it in the video. I just think there’s so much Merc hate out there that losing the 4 resource investment is a very likely possibility.

    That being said, I’m often wrong about these cards as they come out and I’m excited to see if Bara players give this fleet some interesting utility!

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