[Video] Top 8 Finals: Baratheon Asshai v. Martell KOTHH

This is it! The final match in our Fall Top 8! Check out the epitome of Rush v. the epitome of Control!

We’ll start on the Winter Top 8 in the near future. Thanks for watching!

Disclaimer: There’s a play in the game that we’re all quite aware of, so when you see it, don’t freak out. It was our mistake for not calling it out in the commentary (we obviously know the rule – see 27:14), but everyone at the Top 8 was made aware of the error. The beauty of recorded games is that you start to see how many mistakes can be made each phase, and how vigilant each player must be to keep tabs on everything. Keep that in mind this Regionals season.

  1. I should have known HCIT wouldn’t work on Narrow Escape and of course Tim should have known Narrow Escape wasn’t a response. So we were both at fault for that mistake. That being said It would have been a different game if we had caught it at the time obviously.

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