1. Re: Sitting the Iron Throne and the Limit 3x per round

    The ‘no memory’ clause is sometimes taken beyond what it really means. It might be better to say that the game only wants to check restrictions when it wants to check them. Howbout an example:

    You Naval in a character. I remove it from the challenge somehow. Can you trigger Black Sails? No. Why? One way of looking at it is that the game has no memory and doesn’t “remember” that you Navaled that guy in. Perhaps a better way of looking at it is that the Naval character is checked for at the time you win the challenge. It’s not there, so no Black Sails.

    If the game truly had no memory, then why couldn’t I trigger six or seven MIL challenges a turn? The game doesn’t remember, right? Or why not two or three Make an Examples? No memory right? Well, no. The game checks for restrictions when you initiate the challenge or when you play an event.

    Now for Sitting the Iron Throne: It will check the limit at the time you play it, just like it does for Make an Example. And, just like Make an Example, if you have more than one copy of the card, the limit applies whether you’ve recurred the card or are playing three distinct copies.

    So no, you can’t get around the Limit 3x per round. The card doesn’t need errata; it’s printed right on the card.

    That said, the thing with Joffrey is exciting and extra DOM power gain is great. Howbout Lion’s Gate with Dissension and Ser Arys? Good times for the Lannisters.

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  2. Agreed.

    When it comes to play restrictions and limits, there have always been some effects that remember, but the inconsistency has to do with effect like Long Lances. According to the way it has been ruled, if you put Long Lances into play with Ambush from the Plains and trigger their response, use Summer Encampment to return them to hand and then Ambush them in using Influence – you can trigger them again. Why? Because it’s been ruled that the game doesn’t “remember” that they were already in play, so their limit no longer applies.

    This is where the memory thing gets muddy. Self-limiting cards have ALWAYS been ruled that the game no longer remembers that limit when they leave play. Cards that limit other cards (like the Black Sails agenda) create an overarching limit in the game itself (same with a Limited Response as that is actually printed in the rules).

    What I think people are forgetting is that as an event, there is precedence for self-limiting events. It has always been understood that the game “remembers” the limits imposed by events (Die By the Sword, Make an Example). Events always go out of play – so it doesn’t matter if it’s the discard pile or the dead pile – the game remembers the limit imposed by the text of the event. The debate is unnecessary in my mind.

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  3. I realize now that Die By the Sword isn’t a great example as it’s still on the table when it’s limit is imposed… but Make an Example is still a valid… um… example. It’s “Limit 1 per phase” will apply even if it’s out of play – even if it gets canceled. So, if you were able to somehow recycle that copy of Make an Example within the phase – you still couldn’t play it again that phase due to the limit imposed by its text.

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  4. Kudos for recognizing the synergy between Shores of the Summer Sea and Princes Plans. Another potential out of house splash is in Targ with Street Waif to limit your opponent’s choices. Plus, this helps Marwyn as an easy way to get your deck shuffled so that the card placed at the bottom of your deck now has a greater chance of being pulled again. Plus, it is just a great anti-mill and anti-bleeds card. So many people complained about this card not putting cards in your hand… I think they missed so many other synergies with it.

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