Team Covenant Aces Week 1

We kick off week 1 off the Team Covenant Aces Xwing League.  Once again this league will go for 11 weeks with 2 rounds of playoffs at the end to determine the winner. I was lucky enough to have met a ton of cool people who play xwing online and that they were all gracious enough to say yes to this cool league makes me very happy. There are a great deal of very interesting matches and I can’t wait to watch all of them. Players scheduling their games throughout the week and I’d ask that they post them here so we have the opportunity to watch. I will also be displaying the gamelogs of each game each week so please send them to me! Lets get down to it!


v Pheaver!s!99:57,-1,46,21,102,-1:-1:3:;56:36,-1,-1,-1:-1:-1:;10::-1:-1

I couldn’t pin Paul on a squad and I just decided to go Old School with an 8 tie swarm. Paul is continuing his Shuttle + Decimator theme he was trying in the TCO. He brings a lot of very good counters to Tie Fighters in his list. Admiral Chripy crits plus Doomshuttle will make it very difficult for ties to live. I did happen to bring 8 of them so it could be worse but I will need to concentrate fire on Chirpy to even have a chance. Too bad Chirpy brought an engine upgrade to prvent me from doing just that 🙁

Prediction: Pheaver


v Texx!s!28:18:5:6:M.15;62:18:5:6:M.15;27:18:-1:15

Everytime I see Mu0n play Imperial I’m a little sad. Texx’s inititative bid pays off here. His Soontir will get to move after Whisper and the Dopple Soontir. That benefit will have to go a long way as Whisper can run circles around Carnor and Turr. Additionally every Doomshuttle shot will be brutal to Texx. How well Mu0n can use that shuttle and Whisper will go a long way to determining the game.

Prediction: Texx but I’m not all that confident


v Dom

Starslinger brings a classic style Soontir Mini swarm vs an interesting control list from Dom. Oddly enough if Dom had a peek at StarSlinger’s list I think he might not take BTL-A4. This game has a pretty simple question. Can Dom get Soontir in arc to kill him? If he gets an early Soontir kill he can beat the tie fighters. If not it’s going to be a quick game. Dom has a few tricks to do it, but Soontir ruins dreams.

Prediction: StarSlinger72


v Theorist!s!40:-1,-1,61,-1:-1:-1:;40:-1,-1,61,-1:-1:-1:;76:-1,94:-1:8:

My first initial glance at this was essentially Echo>All. Echo has the ability to be where ever she wants and Soontir can essentially do the same. That being said, Theorist is bringing a lot of stress in a lot of arcs. If he catches Echo or Soontir with Tactician I think he can kill the stressed ship. Its closer than it looks and Theorist has been known to pull rabbits out of hats. I’m just not sure he can pull 2 rabbits.

Prediction: KineticOperator


v Sozin

I’d like to start out by saying that I almost ran SideSlip’s list. Part of me really wishes I had. Warthogs are awesome. 4 Warthogs is more awesome. He runs into a great match up of easy to hit targets. That’s the good news. The bad news is he will never ever shoot first. FCS B Wings bring pain and can make quick work of Y wings. How well SideSlip uses Ion Weaponry will probably determine this.

Prediction: SideSlip but I’m not all that confident


v Morgan!s!28:18:5:1:M.15;97:57,-1,21,46,-1,-1:-1:-1:;10::-1:-1:

MrFroggies represents the Scum and Villainy Podcast well by flying SableGryffon’s Victory is Mined list. (I like to call it explosive diarrhea but I’m a cretin.)  The list is surprisingly capable when flown well, especially vs lists that arc dodge well. Set up good mines and deal damage without shooting at all. That being said Oicunn is custom build to essentially pwn this bombers even if he’s easy to hit with a mine. This will come down to a good game with the shuttle and how well Soontir avoids the explosive droppings of Froggies’ bombers.

Prediction: Morgan

I just predicted and 0-3 for the Scum and Villainy Podcast. Now I’m depressed. Who do you think will win? What do you think of the lists? Post below!