1/30/09 – Double Monster Tournament

Enter Identification Codes…


Permission Granted… Opening Case File 0000002


Baton Rouge, Louisiana…

0600 Hours


It was another Sunday like any other. The citizens of Baton Rouge slept soundly in their beds as the sun broke over the horizon… Nothing to report…

1000 Hours

The citizens of Baton Rouge awoke to a lazy, quiet morning. Some readied to attend morning mass, while others began to prepare themselves for the week ahead… Still nothing to report…until…

1030 Hours

An Earth-shattering roar was heard around the world as giant, organic-metal beasts broke through to the surface of our planet. 4 titanic monsters with arms like machine guns began to strafe the streets with fire while 3 heavily armored behemoths rampaged through the city, leaving a trail of destruction behind them as swarms of their insectoid minions followed in their wake.

Suddenly, the sun was blotted out as 5 giant saucers filled the sky over the city and disgorged their payloads of crescent shaped crafts while pods the size of skyscrapers made landfall on the bank of the Mississippi River, breaking open to release 3 massive, multi-legged, arachnoid walkers onto the down-town streets.

Within seconds, Guard was alerted of the impending attack. Squadrons of G-tanks and Rocket Choppers were mobilized as 3 Sky Sentinel and 2 Defender X model Mechs were launched to intercept the threats.


As Guard raced to the scene, a strange signal was picked up by a Government Satellite orbiting overhead. Moments later, sightings of a Raiden and 3 Maxim Class Zors were reported throughout the city. Some claimed these titans worked with the Martians, while others swore they were supporting the Guard relief effort…

Whatever the case, only one thing was certain… All the forces were converging on one location in the heart of the city – the Little Wars game and book store…



So, Little Wars held a Monsterpocalypse Tournament recently for Support Kit #3 – Mega Deimos 9 and Shadow Skikodons.

Mega Form

(I know the Spikodon isn’t a shadow, but bare with me here!)

The event was hosted by none other than SkeletonkeyEd himself, and the format was to be the first Double-Monster the store had seen. Believe me when I say that my brother and I had practiced quite a bit for the occasion. My brother was running a Mega Gorghadra/Ultra Rogzor list, and I couldn’t resist giving my trusty ol’ giant ninjas a go.

After testing some different approaches with my brother, I finally settled on a pretty standard list (for me anyway):

Ultra Zor-Raiden / Ultra Zor-Maxim


5xS-type Shinobi
2xElite S-type Shinobi


2xOil Refinery
2xOffice Building
1xApt. Building
1xDowntown High-Rise
1xGovt. Building


My strategy was simple. First turn set up a strong power base to get 4-6 P-die a turn depending on the map and buildings/power points within reach, then blitz. Blitz the enemy monsters relentlessly with Zor-Maxim.


In most double monster games, I had noticed that the hardest part was managing my dice between two monsters at once. To remedy this, basically my plan was to just use Zor-Maxim solo, taking as many consecutive monster activations as possible to annihilate the opposition with power attack after power attack into fiery building death. I’d target the enemy monster with the least health first, and take it out before moving on to the next if possible. When Maxim finally kicked the bucket (and he always did with this tactic), then my fresh Raiden would move in and deliver the coup de grace on whatever survived the Maxim mayhem. Of course though, I’d have my units capturing more power zones and backing up Zor-Raiden as necessary.



So, armed with a flawless (hopefully) battle plan and backed up by my army of giant ninja, I prepared for the onslaught that was sure to come.


1045 Hours

As smoke and debris rose up into the morning sky, the armies assembled and faced one another in a crude circle around the gaming store. No less than 24 giant monsters loomed up over the city of Baton Rouge (yep, 12 players attended!), leaving no one to doubt that a great conflict was soon to take place. It was obvious that the Guard and Shadow Sun forces were thoroughly outnumbered by the Martians and Planet Eaters (I had been expecting a lot of Motherships because their Negation was a real asset in double-monster battles, and it only made since that nearly as many Rogzors showed up to counter them). Things looked bleak for the city’s defenders…

1100 Hours

The fighting began in earnest as the monsters split into pairs and converged on their enemies. (The tournament began!)


The lone Zor-Raiden and his partnering Zor-Maxim pulled back from the pack with a Rogzor and Gorghadra hot in pursuit. Then, by some unspoken command, the pair of Zors turned around to face their foes.



My first opponent was Meaux (pronounced “Moe” – it’s Cajun; this is Louisiana after all) and his Ultra Gorghadra/Ultra Rogzor list. Going into the game, he admitted that this was only his 5th game of Monsterpocalypse ever. So, I let him take it slow during the game so he could learn as we went. We were in a tournament though, so I warned him I wasn’t going to pull any punches.


I lost the opening roll and chose the Downtown Beat-Down map. I took the red side. We set up the buildings and prepared for battle…


1130 Hours

Shadow Sun units quickly moved in and secured a Government Building, Oil Refinery, Skyscraper, High-Rise, and Office Building to protect them from the Planet Eaters. Then, while Zor-Raiden stood back, the Zor-Maxim didn’t waste any time and launched himself at the monsters weak point to the right flank – Rogzor. The blasting beast was body slammed into two burning buildings before it knew what hit it, causing devastating damage.


The Rogzor was thrown into a rage as its Gorghadra ally tried in vain to assist it. The buildings that crowded the city impeded its movement, forcing the Rogzor to face off against the Maxim alone. It let rip with it’s machine gun arms and blasted the Zor forward into the fires that had consumed it moments before, but the Maxim was unfazed. The Zor grabbed the Planet-Eater by the arm, spun it around, and hurled it into two more buildings that exploded on impact, consuming the monster in flames. It didn’t get back up…


But Gorghadra had finally broken his way through the buildings, and Maxim now had it to contend with. The two giants traded blow for blow, hurling each other through building after building and causing the very Earth to shake beneath their feet. But with two brutal blows, Gorghadra finally brought the brawl to a close. The giant crustacean bellowed in victory as it stood over the fallen form of the Zor, but as it bent down to finish its prey, Zor-Raiden chose the time right and charged in. The Raiden slashed twice in a blur of motion, and the armored titan came crashing to the ground…


Game – SSS Victory

My opponent made some mistakes that cost him this game. His main problems came from not capturing any buildings and having poor P-die production, but he was a good sport throughout and I had a good time playing against him.


I was happy to see how my plan worked like a charm. Maxim was defeated, but that’s acceptable. He took out 3 forms by himself, which allowed Raiden to easily clean up what was left. Also, with all the P-die I was getting, I didn’t need to worry about using them sparingly, and just kept on power attacking with big handfuls of dice to make sure I hit almost every time.


Well, with the first game out of the way, I moved on to Round 2, where I had an unexpected surprise…


1300 Hours

As the Raiden helped its fellow Zor back to its feet, two new challengers stepped up to face them. The two giant, biotech ninja tensed as they looked across the rubble-strewn street at yet another two Planet Eaters… another

Mega FormGorghadra and Rogzor… but these were quite different from the last. Unlike the monsters that had come before, these two beasts were covered from tooth to tail in scars, pits, and blemishes across their armored hides… testament to the many battles they had fought over the eons, and not only fought, but won… The new monstrous Gorghadra’s eyes gleamed with an emerald light as the four monsters starred each other down with an air of familiarity…



This time around, my opponent happened to be none other than Jeremy, my little brother… We had faced off many times in the past few weeks, with the same armies even… Now was time for one last grudge match to settle the score with him and his Mega Gorghadra/Ultra Rogzor.


I won the opening roll, so Jeremy chose Kill-Again’s Island – his favorite map… I knew then that things were going to get rough. Well, with that, we set up the buildings, and the game began…


1330 Hours

The Shadow Sun’s units moved out to capture any nearby buildings while the Planet Eaters’ did the same. The Zor-Maxim still looked weak from its last battle, but it had no time for a break. It shook itself to clear its head and then took cover behind a pack of three buildings, preparing to strike the Rogzor first, to kill it swiftly like the last one…


But this plan was instantly crushed as the Gorghadra rampaged through the Maxim’s cover and came to a stop right in the Zor’s face, roaring a challenge to the other giant. The Maxim didn’t flinch, but grabbed the beast by the horn and hurled him into two nearby buildings. As the monster staggered to it’s feet, Zor-Raiden leapt forward and carved a bloody gash across the Planet Eater’s hide. The monster howled in rage, but it wasn’t done yet.


While the titans fought on in the center, an Explodohawk materialized within the Shadow Sun lines on the right flank (yep, used a teleporter…) and annihilated a Shadowgate that was cloaking an Interceptor and Sunfighter securing a Government Building and Oil Refinery. Then, without warning, the ground nearby was blasted asunder to unearth a pack of Belchers (more teleporter tricks) that fired on the remaining units. The resulting explosion raised everything but the lone Interceptor. (Yep, there went the better part of my power base…Note-this was before the update to Explosion…)


Back in the center, before the Maxim could continue his attack the Rogzor went into a rage and fired. The force of the explosion beat him back through multiple fires and slammed him mercilessly into the arms of the waiting Gorghadra, who wasted no time to hurl the giant ninja into two more buildings.


By now the Zor had definitely lost its cool. It was on its last leg, but it wasn’t finished yet. It somersaulted to the blasting beast, and the giant ninja grabbed at the Rogzor with all its might. However, in the Zor’s weakened state, its strength failed it… (Yes, I used a truck-load of dice, and whiffed it on the throw…) The Planet-Eaters then saw fit to put the Zor-Maxim out of its misery, the Rogzor delivering the final blow.


Then the two massive monstrosities from the cosmos turned their attention on the sole survivor… Zor-Raiden. The Raiden looked from one to the other, looked down to the prone Maxim, then struck a combat stance, rolled his neck, and beckoned with one hand for the Planet-Eaters to come get some. Well, that’s what I’d like to imagine Raiden doing, but I was about to cry… Power base weakened and with three forms to two… it looked real bad for the ninjas.


The Shadow Sun forces made an all-out advance, fighting back the lines of the smaller star-monsters as they secured new ground (I captured all of the power points on the map). Drawing strength from the determination of his forces, the Raiden charged the Rogzor while S-type Shinobi leapt in for back up. The blasting monster tried to slip away and fire as he ran, but he had lost his steam, worn out from the battle with the Maxim. He could do little damage as the Raiden and his Shinobi gave the titan no quarter. The Gorghadra tried to intervene, but it was surrounded by fires and was too slow. Before it could make an impact, the Zor had

already finished off the blasting beast with one last great heave into a cluster of buildings.


The Gorghadra bellowed in outrage, blasting beams of energy at the giant biotech ninja, but the Raiden dodged, weaved, and charged the other monster, closing the distance in an instant and letting loose a flurry of slashes from his wrist blades. The Gorghadra staggered back, bleeding from a multitude of gashes across his chest. These were wounds that would have killed a lesser monster twice over, and even the mighty Gorghadra faltered under the onslaught, turned, and ran… but it was not fast enough to escape the wrath of the ninja…


Game – SSS Victory




I knew this was going to be a rough game going in, and it was looking bad there for a while. I was especially nervous when Jeremy forced me to bring Zor-Raiden into the fight so early, and to top that off, he performed a perfect one-two smackdown with Rogzor and Gorghadra that did a lot of damage to Maxim in one turn, taking him down to 1 health fast. If you can set up a combo like that it can really make an impact in Double Monster games.


Then when Maxim died off after only killing one form, I was left with a meager power base and only one giant ninja. I thought I was done-for. In a double-monster game, you never want to have two monsters teaming up on your one, because, as shown with Maxim, things can get ugly fast. I knew my only hope was to get some power quick and take out Rogzor just as quickly.


Thankfully I was playing SSS, and by rebuilding my power zone with my super-fast units, I was able to regain a power advantage, take out both of Rogzor’s forms quickly, and finish off Mega Gorghadra.


If Jeremy made any mistakes, he made them by not taking out more of my power base, especially all the units I had on power points. Still, he really gave me a good, close game, and I had to fight hard to come out on top.



This round I would be facing Jeff, a Guard player! GASP! I almost couldn’t believe that I wasn’t facing another darn Planet-Eater force! He brought Ultra Sky Sentinel/Ultra Defender X to the table.


I lost the starting roll off and chose Downtown Beat-Down as the map once again. I took the blue side this time. We set up our city and readied for battle.


1530 Hours

The battle had finally wound down in the city. Guard and Shadow Sun forces had miraculously fought off the monsters that threatened Baton Rouge and the surrounding area. Things appeared to be coming to a close, and Guard forces had begun to withdraw.


That’s when the same Zors that had fended off two score of Planet-Eaters before reappeared, facing down the last Sky Sentinel and Defender X Mechs yet to depart.


At first, the pilots of the mechs saluted the giant SSS ninjas, considering them allies, but when the Zors’ returned the favor with a swift kick to the cockpit, the brave men and women of the Sky Sentinel and Defender X mechs realized they had another fight on their hands.


Shadow Sun forces moved to capture every building nearby as Guard forces wasted no time taking such measures, but moved out and prepared to engage. (Surprisingly enough, Jeff decided not to create a strong power-base,

but to go all out on the offensive). Still, G-tanks did secure a Bank Headquarters in the heart of the battle-zone as they fired upon the enemy Maxim.


The Sky Sentinel took cover in a makeshift bunker of evacuated buildings to stay out of the Zor-Maxim’s reach while it added its firepower against the foe as well. Guard forces seemed to have an edge until the Zor-Raiden ran up the protectors’ left flank faster than a speeding bullet and caught the Defender X off guard, slamming into it with the force of a tornado. The Defender crashed through two buildings, finally coming to rest in the center of two more as a fire spilled out from a ruined Skyscraper and spread over it. The machine was in very bad shape, but this only made the pilots more determined to fight on.


While the Raiden engaged the Defender X, on the other side of the battlefield, the Sky Sentinel and its supporting units were pouring more and more fire onto the Maxim. The Sentinel had its sights locked on the ninja’s downfall… but then it lost visual contact with the Zor as the monster disappeared from radar without a trace… (Shadowgate in base contact) Before the Sentinel could re-affirm visual contact, the Maxim materialized in the midst of a division of G-tanks and Rocket Choppers, stomping the ground as it did so and destroying five units in it’s wake. Outraged by the heavy losses, the Sentinel flew out of cover and radioed in to the Defender. Coordinating their attacks, the Defender X charged up its chest cannon and fired, blowing the Maxim back towards the Sky Sentinel, who then grabbed the Zor up for a throw. However, the Zor wrestled out of the mech’s grasp (Jeff tried for a one-two punch that would have spelled the end of Maxim, but he missed with the throw.).


Now worked up into a frenzy, the Maxim spotted his chance and countered the Sky Sentinel with a body slam into two adjacent buildings. As the mech’s emergency back-up systems kicked in, the Zor followed up by grabbing the Sentinel by the arm. The Maxim spun around, hefting the giant machine up and over its shoulder in that same moment to send the Sky Sentinel hurtling into two more buildings in the center of the battlefield. The mech’s pilots tried to coerce their Sentinel back into action, but the systems weren’t responding and the crew was forced to jettison the machine as a fire started to spread to the main reactor.


Now the Defender X was outnumbered and severely crippled by the S-type Shinobi that were charging it relentlessly, but surrender was not an option.


Targeting the wounded Maxim, and with spotters aiding its aim from nearby choppers, the mech drew a direct line to the Zor, and with one final blast from its chest cannon, sent the giant ninja to join the remains of the Sky Sentinel in the inferno.


The crew of the Defender let up a cheer, but this victory was short-lived as the Zor-Raiden moved in. With two swift swipes of his wrist blades, the Defender X was shut down for good…


Game – SSS Victory

Well, even though I didn’t stick quite to plan (again) and moved out Zor-Raiden early, things went pretty well for me. I got to admit though; I had the advantage in this match-up. With all the Cloaking that SSS can get, it’s easy to shut down the Guard’s biggest strength – their overwhelming firepower. I was also surprised to find out that Jeff wasn’t very familiar with the Shadow Sun’s abilities, so I had the element of surprise on my side. In one unit turn, Jeff moved up a mass of choppers and tanks, captured a Bank HQ, and then was going to shoot Maxim into next Sunday when I pointed out that he had Cloak from an adjacent Shadowgate.


Still, Jeff scared me when he nearly took out Maxim in one monster turn. Again, the teamwork between his monsters was key, and it almost paid off. If he had succeeded then, things could have gotten really ugly…


So, with three wins things were looking good for me, but I hadn’t won the tournament yet. There was one more battle being fought between the Martian Menace and the Planet-Eaters. The P-E player went by the name of Andy, and if he won, he and I would be playing one final game to decide overall champ… Luckily (for me) it wasn’t to be… The Martian Menace player won out because of Andy’s notoriously bad dice rolling, and the tournament’s outcome was decided.


After a day of monstrous carnage and destruction on a citywide scale, Little Wars had survived its first ever Double-Monster Tournament.


Mega Form

All kinds of madness had occurred throughout the day, the funniest of all had to have been a Mothership face-off. They were the last monsters standing, and both of them were in their Ultra form. Yep, they were slapping each other to death because both were negating each other! It was priceless… but I digress…


After a well-played game of rock-paper-scissors, Jeff came in 3rd, Andy in 2nd, and with me in 1st…I was going home with Mega Deimos!


1800 Hours

In the aftermath of the attack on 1-30, the Zors Raiden and Maxim left their enemies broken and defeated, lying in the battered remains of Baton Rouge. They made their way back to Little Wars, broke into the store, took what was theirs, and then disappeared without further incident.


Apparently, they had what they came for…


End of file…