A Day Late But Not Gaming Short

Hello everyone.  Sorry about being a day late.  I got distracted by life.  Whoops.  Anyways, let’s get on with it and see what we got on tap for next week’s year of the gamer:

Apr 22:  Risk 2210 A.D. (Board Game)  Future Risk variant.  Has some interesting new ideas.  Such as 4 areas at the start of the game are designated “devastated” (think nuclear war) and impassable.  This adds depth to the game because it changes tactics.  Also the game is a little different because it only lasts 5 rounds.  So players have to maximize their score.  Fun game.

Apr 23:  Codename: Kids Next Door TCG.  Cartoon Network based card game.  Made by WOTC (Wizards).  Boring as watching paint dry.  Think war, the game I mean not actual war.  Terrible, the game and war.  Ha ha.  Anyways, I think in the early days WOTC just threw it all out there and hoped someone bought something.

Apr 24:  The Simpsons Trading Card Game.  WOTC’s CCG which involved playing characters, scenes, and actions to try and get to 7 points.  The game was a moderate success.  Another forgettable Wizards card game overall.  But if you’re interested it is pretty cheap to get into it though.  Check Ebay.

Apr 25:  Dreamblade (Collectible Miniatures Game)  Similar to Magic the Gathering it involves a two player duel.  Except they are fighting in the minds of humans.  The players bring 16 miniatures to the table.  Creatures and locations.  To win gain 6 victory points.  Game only lasted about a year or so.  Still maintained online through second parties.

Apr 26:  D20 Modern (RPG)  A role playing game based off the D20 system.  The D20 system is based on actions being resolved by throwing a 20 sided dice and adding and subtracting modifiers to the roll.  It is similar to the engine that drives the Dungeon and Dragon system but with added rules such as firearms.  The game can be added to any modern role play (Shadowrun!) or there is a sample story in the core rulebook.  One setting that we liked to play were the Shadow Chasers.  Humans that have the ability to see monsters from other dimensions.  To the normal human they look like massive or small humans, or even disfigured people.  To the heroes though they can see them shimmer and it reveals what they truly are.  Fun and violent game.

Apr 27:  Street Fighter II (SNES)  1992 sequel to the 1987 arcade game.  One of the most successful SNES ports (original was arcade) of all time.  Two fighters enter, one leaves.  Basic fighting game.  But without this game there never would’ve been a fighting genre.  Come on, you can hear the sound effects in your head even now can’t you?

Apr 28:  Dominion: Intrigue (DBG)   I super duper love this game!  The first core expansion to Dominion.  Can also be used for a core set because it includes money and victory points.  A lot more sneaky attacks.  Personally I don’t think it does a good of a job to introduce players to Dominion as it is a lot more complicated IMO.  I recommend the original to new players.  But after you have the original I think this is a fine expansion to the game because it is a lot more complicated.  Great expansion!  Pick it up.  Get addicted to the awesomeness that is Dominion!

And that’s it.  Till next week true believers………..