A Walk on the Light Side – Rebel Alliance Vehicle Deck

And now for something  bit different, I am going to talk about a Light Side Deck, it isn’t one of mine but it is one of my regular opponent’s decks and I believe it to be the most powerful, versatile Light Side Deck you can currently build

I am of course talking about a Rebel Vehicle Deck and lets take a look.



2 x The Defense of Yavin 4 – you want every single card in this set, this is an amazing set with an awesome objective special ability.

You have the Astromech upgrade, more resources, 2 units – one of them the awesome Red Two and Rebel Assault!

When I am playing against this deck it pains me every time this card comes out and there are 4 of them in total!



2 x Mission Briefing – while not as good as the first Objective Set you get increased card draw, more units, more resources to play with, a fate card and Heavy Blaster Emplacment


Seriously, you get to force your opponent to assign one damage at least once a turn to one of their units for free every turn! – remember most units only have 1-2 damage capacity



2 x The Rebel Fleet  – I hope your opponent has some vehicle units! plus you get another Y-Wing (more blast damage to get your 3 objectives) the fantastic Home One, more resources to play all your cards, the repair droid and another fate card

I love taking out objectives, thus I love this fate card



2 x Draw Their Fire – moar resources! (not like this deck needs any more) X-wings, moar resources again!, Heroic Sacrifice (you have more than enough Vehicles to sacrifice) and……


What’s that? I’m gonna deal 1 damage to each participating enemy unit? what a way to kick your opponent in the pants


2 x Mobilize the Squadrons – 2 resources, extra focus removal, another X-Wing, your 3rd and 4th Rebel Assault another sacrifice but this one shields all your participating units, a Rookie Pilot to sacrifice 😛 and Trench Run


Subject to much debate and awaiting an FAQ this is still an awesome card – and even if cards like Target of Opportunity or Rebel Assault don’t work this Deck can still easily do enough damage to take out the Death Star Dial in a handful of turns


So this Deck has

24 Units – 16 Vehicles with an average cost is 2.5 resources, pretty good considering 8 are unique and thus have a higher cost – oh and Mon Mothma gives you 2 resources

6 Resources cards for 10 extra resources on top of your objectives, 12 with Mon Mothma

Only 4 Fate cards, they are good ones but don’t expect too much out of Edge Battles (though with all those extra unique cards this deck doesn’t do too badly in the Edge battle department either)

But who needs fate when you are backing up your units with 2 x Heavy Blaster Emplacement  and 4 x Rebel Assault



Seriously, if you are having trouble winning on the Light Side, give this Deck a go and give your opponent nightmares – Just look at some of these low cost cards I have barely touched on that you get to play with