All Too Easy….(Year of the Gamer)

Hello everyone.  Welcome to another edition of the Year of the Gamer!  If this is your first time reading, I’ll just give you a brief overview of what I’m doing here.  I’m a big geek.  Gaming and comics, and such.  I also thoroughly enjoy writing.  So what better to write about than gaming?  I decided to declare this year the YEAR OF THE GAMER!  Every day for 2012 I will be posting a game a day to try out (or some to run away from!).  If you read this and like it, feel free to check back on Fridays.  That’s when I do my new posts.  So enjoy!

Apr 8:  Lost Cities (Card Game)  A game in which two players try to have the most profitable expeditions to ancient cities.  Not much chance involved so makes for a good strategy game.  Players don’t directly attack each other.  But since all cards have an infinite amount, a player can hold on to a specific card to trick his opponent into wasting time building a suite for which he can’t get points because of the missing card.  Every expedition costs, so the player has to determine if it’s worth the investment.  Fun game.  Used to be a download on X-Box live.  But deleted in Feb. of 2009.

Apr 9:  Halo 2 (Video Game)  It took Bungie 3 years to finally drop the sequel to Halo.  It was a step forward in many ways, but not so much as it should’ve taken that long.  It was the most popular game on Xbox live till the release of Gears of War 2 years later.  The game is generally held to be two thumbs up in every category with the exception of  the cliffhanger ending which many found unsatisfying.  My personal favorite thing about the game can be summed up in 1 word.  Swords.

Apr 10:  Stratego.  To win this board game you must capture your opponents flag or force them to run out of moves.  Each piece has a power rating though, and you can’t see what power the opposing piece has until you attack it.  Some chance and a lot of strategy come into play.  The Star Wars version of this game is fun in itself as well.

Apr 11:  1313 Dead End Drive (Board Game)  16 of Aunt Agatha’s relatives and friends have gathered at her mansion for the reading of her will.  By the time the clock strikes midnight, you’ll either be rich or dead!  A lot of bluffing.  Mainly designed with kids in mind.

Apr 12:  Finance.  Similar to Monopoly.  Except you can’t get monopolies.  And railroads are in the game, but you can’t buy them.  A predecessor to Monopoly.

Apr 13:  The Great Train Robbery The Board Game.  Originally released in the 70s, this game is based on an actual 1960s robbery.  Players are trying to escape the police in this every man for himself game.  Interesting thought from the creator of the game: “With crime you deal with every basic human emotion and also have enough elements to combine action with melodrama. The player’s imagination is fired as they plan to rob the train. Because of the gamble they take in the early stage of the game there is a build up of tension, which is immediately released once the train is robbed. Release of tension is therapeutic and useful in our society, because most jobs are boring and repetitive.”  Same idea they used in M rated video games?  Sounds kind of like it to me.

Apr 14:  Star Wars: Epic Duels (Board Game)  Of all the many games I have owned and let go, this is in the top five I regret doing it with!    Out of print and very expensive to buy to this date.  Very good game.  Plays almost like a miniature game.  Except you have to have a card to attack.  Pretty cool figures as well.  I always loved Darth Vader.  How could you not love the card “All Too Easy”?  Super fun game.  They really should’ve kept it going with an expansion or two.