Blog 2.5: Ease me into AGoT

Dear all,

I come here with a humble request. I need your help getting into AGoT. I’ve played it a few times, loved it, and want to get further into the game. I’m here to ask you how.

I don’t have any particular house affiliations: I bought the Martell starter, but have no particular interest in them.

If I want to get into the game, would it be best for me to pick a house and roll with it OR simply buy the decks I like the look of, a la Magic the Gathering. I actually don’t mind either way, as I both enjoy the variety of decks that Magic used to offer me (no interest in the game any more, but the attitude towards it has obviously carried over), but on the other hand I enjoy the deck building opportunities that Netrunner has offered me (which would only feasibly be available if I chose a House and collected all the cards for it).


So, which would you advise I take? Any help would be mucho appreciated, as I wanna get going before Regionals end here in the UK; if I win a regionals, it may be a sneaky 21st gift to myself to get myself to Worlds. Or GenCon. Who knows…

As for normal blogging schedule, I have an event on Saturday at which I will be running the decks I wrote about in blogs 1 and 2 (Criminals and HB), and will probably be doing a report or analysis or something along those lines.

Until next time!