Broke 200 Games and 100 Wins!

Well fellow X-Wingers, finally broke the 200 game mark.  Thanks to all my opponents and friends on Vassal that keep the game fresh!!!  So a few results.

I managed to drag my average up to just below 50% (100 Win, 103 Losses).  My average over last 100 games is better at a 57% win rate.  So you could say I was improving… slightly.  I mean stats are stats, they don’t tell the whole story.  Of course, there is a lot of experimenting that goes on.  Losses means learning.  Sometimes you just try weird squad ideas and they don’t work out.  My current tournament record is 9-4, so I am reasonably happy with that.

The one stat that I ran was squads that include large ships.  So my win percentage with small ships is 41%, and my win with a large ship is 53%.  So is the moral of the story to try and field at least one large ship?  For my personal play style, it looks like it.

Anyway, that is the summary.  Wave 4 seems to be throwing a monkey wrench into everything.  Its a little harder to fit in large ships with phantoms, defenders, and ewings running around.  So we’ll see what happens.

See you in space!