Burning Wheel: Going for the Gold

There’s been a lot of behind the scenes work going on at TC HQ! Imagine a door that is always closed, but if you put your ear to it, there’s the pitter patter of mice running around. They’re going here and there, squeaking at each other, spinning in wheels and getting nowhere, urin- actually nevermind. That’s not the best analogy. The truth is, we’ve been busy! And here’s why!

Burning Wheel Gold is here! Whoah. What? Yes! How does this sound? Burning Wheel Gold will be a 600+ page hard cover book with a beautiful cover. It’s a combination of the Burning Wheel Core Book (the brown one) and the Character Burner (the red one). Everything has been updated, compiled in a more logical way, reworked, simplified at times, and clarified. I think they hit about every little gripe I had about the old books. And he price is mind blowing. It makes me want to pass out. It’s only $25.

Yes, even when these days every little Dungeons and Dragons supplementary book is $50 or more, Burning Wheel gives you the entire, beautiful, elegant system in hard back for $25. We’re not sure how Luke and Co. are doing it, but bless them for it. That’s insane.

We got the chance to really dive into the system and the new hotness, and I’ve got to say it’s such an improvement! But don’t take my word for it, take this guy’s word for it.

That’s a brand new video we’ve done to outline the changes in Burning Wheel Gold. Accompanying it are three other videos, one outlining the system as a whole, one on the Monster Burner, and one on the Magic Burner. You can find all of them on…

Our Brand New Burning Wheel Page

Now for those of you who were on the fence, or just plain confused or uninterested, now would be a great time to reevaluate. We really hope more of you will dive in. But even if you don’t, we’re sure that some fresh Burning Wheel faces will be sharing their experiences here on the site, so be sure to give them a warm Covenant welcome and show them what our community is about!

Your support gives us the capability to do what we do. This is just another example of you all fueling the Covenant fire. We never really can come up with the right words to describe how much your support means to us. So, simply, thank you, and thank you again.