Catching Up – The Double Blog! March 11- 24!

Hello everyone.  I already posted one blog post this week.  Now here comes the second one.  I didn’t realize how far I was behind.  I apologize for that.  Guess what?  I will be posting a third blog post as well this week.  Normally Friday will be the day I post blogs.  Why I am doing so many is because I want my blog post on Friday to cover the following week.  In other words, I should be posting for March 18 – 24 today.  Instead this is the post for 11 – 17.  So three in a week!  Once again, sorry about the overkill.  I just want to catch it up.  Then we will stay on track with a post every Friday.  So without further blabbing here goes:

Mar 11:  Magic the Gathering: Legions (CCG).  The second set in the Onslaught block it was released in January of 2003.  A unique set because it contained only creature cards.  It was a very controversial set with players because of that.  Not a strong set in money terms anymore like some sets are because of the Commander format.
Mar 12:  Black Jack (Card Game).  Gambling game.  A lot more chance involved than skill, but fun all the same.  Till you loose all your money.  Doh!
Mar 13:  Final Fantasy III (Original).  This game never was released in the USA till Aug. 24, 2006.  It was originally released in 1990.  BTW, the SNES version is 3 but it doesn’t count because technically that one is FF VI.  So is this game good?  Not great maybe but you can definitely see the game as it steps in the right direction towards awesomeness.  The game has also been overhauled for the remakes.
Mar 14:   Scrabble (Board Game).  An oldie but a goodie.  This game has been around for a long time.  You have 7 letters.  What words can you build?  A little harder than Words With Friends because you have to make sure your word is right before you play it.
Mar 15:  Battleship (Board Game).   Another classic that everyone enjoys.  Your goal is to sink the other players fleet.  You do this through the process of elimination.  Firing at a grid.  Excellent game and fun to play.  We’ll see if the movie is any good though.  It looks a little like Transformers.  And it does have Liam Neeson in it.  So I’ll give it a chance.
Mar 16:  Apples to Apples (Party Game).  Hilarious game where your goal is to give the most convincing description of a word you don’t know.  The arguing can get a little irritating at times though which stops me from giving it two thumbs up.  I’ll give it one instead.
Mar 17:  Pictionary (Board Game)  This game is 27 years old and still going strong.  If you have good Where’s Waldo skills, then this is the game for you.  Very fun party game.

Now stay tuned for the second blog today ……right now!  I decided since I am so behind I will just do a double week instead of 2 blogs.  So now number dos!

PART 2:    MARCH 18 – 24, 2012

Mar 18:  Ticket to Ride (Board Game)  Not the same as Empire Builder even though you do use railroads.  Uses more cards than Empire Builder.  Also this game focuses more on getting to other places than delivering merchandise.  The game has become very popular.  You can play it on your 360 or even on your iPad.  
Mar 19:  Sorry!  I always felt Sorry! was kind of a lame game.  After all it is based very heavily off Parcheesi.  But after I played it, I have more respect for it now.  Some chance involved in the drawing of the cards.  But since every card has different rules, it is actually pretty heavy in strategy as well.  For example, you can get out on a 1 or Sorry! or 2 card.  Then if you play a 4 you move backwards that many spaces.  Which puts you close to the goal believe it or not.  Confusing?  Not really if you look at the board.
Mar 20:  Connect Four (Board Game)  Simple idea.  Get four of your colored checkers in a row to win.  Crazy game though.  Especially if you play it fast.  You have to watch every angle at once.  Slight advantage going first because you can keep them on the defense, but if you play carelessly then you will find yourself on the defense yourself!  Quick thinking game for sure.
Mar 21:  Chinese Checkers (Board Game)  Ironically this game has nothing to do with checkers.  And wasn’t invented in China.  It was invented in the 1800s in Germany.  It was called Stern-Halma (Stern is German for star).  Your goal is to get all your marbles across the board.  It can be played with up to 6 players.  Awesome game because any age can play.  Easy to learn but hard to master.  The best strategy is to find the longest hopping path by jumping the other player. 
Mar 22:  Balderdash (Party Game)  This game isn’t really about your vocabulary (although that might help), it’s more about how well you can bluff.  A word is read and the players have to put down their most convincing definition of it.  Points are scored based off your persuasiveness.  Great at a party!  I’ll let you in on a little secret though, you can use the dictionary and a notepad and save yourself having to buy the game.  If you’re on a budget it can help.  🙂
Mar 23:  Axis and Allies Classic (Board Game)  This is the original 1984 game.  WWII is in full swing and you control the powers.  Think Risk but set in the 40s.  Fun game if you like war or strategy.  Avalon Hill was the first to make it, but Hasbro has the rights now.
Mar 24:  Taboo.  Similar to Catch Phrase.  Another party game where the goal here is to get your teammates to guess the word you are describing.  The catch is you can’t use certain words to describe the word you are working on.  For example if your word is “Umbrella”, you can’t use the words “sun” or “rain”.  But you could use bumbershoot!  That’s a free one for you when you play it.  Ha ha.