Controversial new ideas

So I got to thinking about some crazy new what if situations, and I came up with two new skills and a new type of unit.

What if there were a skill like this on a monster: “roll +1 b-die when rolling to see who goes first”. Or, conversely, “roll -1 A-die when rolling to see who goes first. Then there would be a way to greater influence whether or not you get to go first (+1 boost) or to pick the map (-1 A-die) to either supplement your strategy or deny an opponent his (if they have a force that loves going first or second)

And looking at a full unit pool of units, what if there were units that were bigger than 1×1 squares? Maybe a 1×2 or even 2×2? Not sure how they would be used in a real game, and maybe I’ve been playing too many block puzzle games lately but I think it would be interesting. Of course if you took one of the big guys it would limit how many units you could bring (15 squares worth of units total) but in return you could unlock some cool units. Maybe a 1×2 force field fence lookin thing with no fly zone to block off wide passages even better than a sun drone, or a big 2×2 movable installation.