Covenant Customs: Terra Khan

As many of you know, the TC community has been blessed with a plethora of talented artists. Quite frequently we get to see their take in the form of illustrations, paintings, and repainted figures. Of note in this case is Martin Whitmore, who has time and again dazzled us with his personal take on many classic MonPoc figures. Beyond that, we all now have the chance to add one of these one-of-a-kind, mini-masterpieces to our own collection!

We give you the custom Terra Khan!:

The changes are subtle but dramatic!

The way it works is simple: go to this link where (once you log-in) you will be given the chance to make a silent, anonymous bid for Terra Khan. The auction itself will last now until Friday at 1 pm Central.

Best of all, a significant portion of the winning bid goes directly to the artist: Martin Whitmore! (Help feed a [assuming] starving artist!) You can see other examples of his quality work on his blog too.

Enjoy and happy bidding!

Team Covenant