Covenant Maps Update: Download a Sample

If you are a fan of Monsterpocalypse and have been teetering on the edge of signing up for the Covenant Maps Program, we have a special update for you. As most of you know, we announced the Covenant Maps program at MonCon 2011 and revealed the con exclusive map: Mayhem on Memorial. Over the past year we have released five maps (each including a story and scenario) and the fan favorite Tri-City Tangle (our three player map).

We recently cleaned up the Covenant Maps page and you can now easily download a sample (includes an image of the first map along with a pdf of the first story and scenario) and get to all our previously released maps.ย For those of you curious to try the maps before diving in, you can find all of the previously released Covenant Maps on the most recent Vassal Module, which you can find on the Monsterpocalypse Getting Started page.

This May we will release the sixth map, marking a full year of the Covenant Maps program. As a side note, we wanted to thank current subscribers. Without you this program would be impossible. It’s been a privilege being able to create these maps and keep Monsterpocalypse fresh.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Released Maps page and look at Floodplain Fiasco! It was released as the March Map and was designed by none other than Wapcaplets (for winning the create a map contest)!

  1. I can’t tell you how cool the 3 player map is. It’s saved my gaming group on those nights when an odd number show up. This way everybody plays. I’m trying to get 9 people together to run the Monster Triple Crown. 3 groups of 3 will play and the winners of those 3 matches will play. Hard part is getting 9 of us together on the same night.

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