Day 10: Divine Wind

I love the sculpt of Hurricanus, from the cat face like helmet to the swirling designs on her armor.  She’s just such a cool looking monster.  It’s a shame to not see her in play more often.  My first couple of games with her I lost by a land slide.  They were very one sided but it helped me learn a lot about her.  Now that I have played her a few more times I’m starting to get the hang of her.  I’ve had some good games against good opponents and manged to get the win.  It seems like a good time to review my games and see what my main strategies have been, and how they have worked so far.

My main strategies with Hurricanus has been power dice denial.  The mega has power strike, the Water Avatar has Power Tap, and the Ion Cannon Tank has Power Drain, plus a number of buildings I run have Business Center.  I like to use my units as distractions.  An example of this is I will build a power base to force them to decide to either disrupt me or try to damage my monster.  I want them to have to make tough choices as often as I can.  I want to try and keep them from using their units to do damage to my monster.  Flexing forms to use the abilities from both.  If I can use Telekinesis to break a screen I might hyper down so that I can use weaken to better my odds of hitting.  Making use of her high speed to reach an enemy monster or retreat to safety.  The Damage curve for Toss decreases over time, so getting a good hit in early is key to staying a head in the damage race.

Like a leaf in the Wind

Here’s my main objectives for my opening turns.

  • Disrupt any power base that’s been setup.  Keep the opponent as starved for power dice as I can.
  • Kill enemy units and use rage and fling to generate power dice for Hurricanus.  Place my units to try and draw the opposing monster into a dangerous spot for Toss or Power attack.
  • Try and secure a power or negative zone.

Now that I have my goals, how do I make it happen.  For disruption I have some very fast units that can get to most any place on the board.  Tornadus with Hoist and Fling makes him very good at disruption.  If I can get a Fire Kami in on the attack I can get extra power dice from Rage.  The other part of keeping them power dice starved is to use Business Center to leach away the P dice. Water Avatars with Power Tap make for good distracting units.  I also like to get an Earth Avatar on a power zone so that I can nest and gain amplify.

Cold Wind from the River

Riverside RampageI’ve changed my map several times now, but I think I’m going to try this one for a while.  Riverside has a lot of good options for me, it has 32 foundations so all the buildings are going to be used.  With so many foundations it’s going to be tricky to prevent me from doing a big blast Toss attack.  I want to try and place buildings with Spire like the Cathedrals next buildings that leave a hazard like the Oil Company HQ.  The G1’s with Indirect fire will do will on this map.  In general I don’t like Teleporters, but these are spaced in such a way that Only high speed units with some kind of movement ability can make the best use of them.  The Oil Company HQ’s make for great disruptive buildings.  With Hoist I’ve been able to put an enemy unit into position so that they are securing then blast them and watch the Green Unstable do it’s thing.  If the other player has an Insurance Company or Newspaper they make good buildings to Toss them into.  As the 2nd player your always in reaction mode so understanding key foundations is important.  Looking at there building list to try and get a sense of what their opening play might be will help me to try and hinder it.