Day 13: Divine Wind

Board control is taken in a couple of ways.  You either can eliminate a large number of enemy units with a single attack or you flood the board with lots of units.  The Protector units do a little bit of both.  They can Nest faction units with the Earth Avatar, or Transport with the Water Avatar.  Their two main attack triggers are Fling, and Multi-Shot.  I currently don’t run any Glass Earth Kami’s but I do love the unit so I could see it making it into my list at some point. Right now I’m going for more of a blast oriented force.  Fling lets you take 2 units in one attack or kill one unit and do a point to the enemy monster.  While Fling is a good trigger it’s not a great trigger for gaining board control.  It’s for this reason I’ve added a couple of figures to help with board control.  The first is the Marauder.  I’ve gone back and forth with the Marauder and the Robo Squix as a splash to get the Explosion Trigger.  The Long Range blast on the Marauder makes a big difference.  Explosion is a great trigger to have for killing lots of units and potentially doing damage to the enemy monster as well.  It works great with Tornadus and Hoist.  I’ve had several games where I’ve been able to hoist and enemy unit to make a better explosion target.  It’s really worked out great for me.  The other Piece is a bit more tricky, but it can catch people off guard.  The Oil Company HQ.  I’ve pulled this trick off more then once which makes it more then a gimic.  What I do is Hoist a unit so that the Oil Company HQ is now secured making all the enemy units Unstable.  I then blast the Middle unit leading with Tornadus.  I hit kill the 3 units which secured the building and then fling into a forth unit, or the monster.  In my last 6 games I’ve pulled this one of twice, and I could have done it a third time, but I didn’t need to.  The key to the success of the Oil Company HQ blast is placing next to a building you know they want to secure.  Many times they will feel safe thinking I’ve only got two units next to it so I’m fine, until you hoist a third one into place.

Unit Suppression!

Hurricanus isn’t particularly good at winning board control.  She doesn’t have a great trigger to kill multiple units, or anyway of bringing units on the board.  The Alpha form can use Red Hoist from Tornadus to drop a unit onto a hazard.  The Mega form can use TK to do the same.  If I’m in a safe spot with Hurricanus and there isn’t a good attack on the enemy monster, then often times I’ll work on pinging a unit.  Board control is something I’ll fight harder for then Turn Position.  Against some monsters this is a very uphill battle, but it’s one I will fight for.  I don’t always need to win board control to be successful, I just have to keep them from taking too much of a lead.  It needs to be close.  I need to have units out that threaten my opponent or they can put all their unit resources into to attacking Hurricanus.  I really try to avoid unit damage with her.  If I’m up against a monster with strong attack triggers that can kill multiple units, then I’ll look for ways to mitigate some of their effectiveness.  I’ll spread my units out, or keep them far in my back field to try and draw their monster closer.   It really depends on the monster I’m up against.

Chess, Go, or Something else?

Board control for Hurricanus is an important part of the game.  It’s not an easy game for her to win, but she has the tools to put up a good fight.  I like to control a few key features with my units.  I like to have an Earth Avatar on a power zone hopefully mid board so I can nest a unit as needed.  I like to have a Water Avatar on a negative zone for power tap.  I like to keep the Water Avatar away from the main action so the opposing player has to go out of their way to kill it.  In general I’ve found these tactics to work quite well.  I also don’t often go back to back with Hurricanus so I keep bringing out more units and try and either keep or continue the battle for board control.  When games have gone on for a while it’s even more important to me.  I’ve played lots of different monsters that can win board control in different ways.  Hurricanus has to work a lot harder to win it then some other monsters I’ve played, but with the right plays and good timing it’s doable.