Day 14: Crustaceors of Fire: Winning the Damage Race

Monsterpocalypse would truly be a boring game if it played anything like Zach’s first example where Maxim and Sky Sentinel keep slamming each other for two damage until one monster dies. The fact that MonPoc’s creators added healing, power attacks, and the ability for units to do damage to the enemy monster stops the damage curve from being a solid prediction of how the game will end after Turn 1. Someone may have an advantage on the damage curve for a while, but a mere one damage from some units to a devastating power attack can drastically turn things around. MonPoc’s designers did a good job to make sure the loser in the damage race can quite easily catch up. So how can my monster put himself in the lead?

Health, Healing, and Hurt:

Two out of the three Triple H agree my monster has what it takes to win. While my monsters forms both have the lowest health seen on any monster to date, being a “natural” at healing helps balance this out. My monster can also quite easily deal two damage in either of his forms with Crunch. It may not be as guaranteed as Annihilate or Weapon Master, but I usually get at least one super strike in my rolls. Having Crunch in Power Attacking can especially help Crustaceor get a huge lead in the damage curve since throwing an opponent into a high damaging building (One with a hazard or Spire) can nearly kill some forms. So despite his low health, being able to heal and lay heavy damage onto the opponents monster gives Crustaceor a good chance on the track.

Secret Weapons?:

Ewww! Too squishy and gross to pick up!

I would say my secret weapons for the damage curve are Hoist, my units, and Demolish. Hoist is amazingly powerful against screens, and the only way to stop it is to make a double screen or get someone with that accursed Countermeasures near the screen. Crustceor may be a pedestrian, but he’s not totally immobile. Plus, if he doesn’t have any screens to clear, he can net himself a free p-die by hoisting a unit into a hazard.

My units can be a formidable weapon, and if I seize board control I can even pull off two damage on the enemy monster (providing it doesn’t have 7 defense). Just a Nautilus Blaster with two macos (or some other units with 1*1) have a pretty good chance of hitting a 5 defense monster for one damage, not to mention an excellent chance against any enemy units (Although I would prefer a Marauder if I’m attacking units). Unless my opponents monster has high defense, I can usually deal at least one damage to it with ease. Some of my units are also good at putting up quick screens with their speed and Actions like Transport or Sprint.

Demolish is a trigger on Brawl that I love, especially for a healing monster. Being able to not only deal one damage to my opponent and get p-die from brawling the building, but heal from an apartment building as well is quite powerful. It’s almost sinister in a way. Considering Apartment Buildings have no dangerous hazards or reactions, my opponent will probably feel comfortable standing next to this building due to it being less damaging in power attacks. However, when Crustaceor has to chow down,¬† my opponent finds out he can get a little violent while eating.

Maco…no…MACRO strategies:

First I will discuss my macro strategy for a monster Crustaceor can beat easily, and then a monster he would probably struggle with.

Strength strategy:

In some ways, Crustaceor is strong against anyone who wants to brawl or power attack him. Since he excels at doing those things (Especially Power Attacking) he welcomes any opponent charging at him. However, some monsters may have certain skills available to them that can make Crustaceors job of delivering the pain harder. So out of all the monsters I looked at, I decided that Ultra Hammerklak-Korvissik would be the easiest for Crustaceor to defeat (Sorry Jeff).

#1: Power Dice Denial. Crustaceor is still a fragile monster and one or two power attacks can put him in critical condition. Considering Hammerklak can only deal two damage through Crunch, Follow Through, and Power Attacks, p-die are very important to giving him a chance to win. Thus, I must make sure that he can obtain very little p-die.

#2: I’ll try to keep units around me in order to provide a potential screen against the burrowing mole. I won’t be able to stop him from brawling me, but stopping him from power attacking me is fairly important.

#3: If the Hammer player is using Cthul units and Music Producers, I’ll try and get my Spadefin to the Hellfonts as soon as possible in order to greatly hinder the slow Cthul units (I could also try to get a null pod near multiple spawn points to be really cruel).

Weakness strategy:

The dreaded MZM will most certainly be a pain for Crustaceor. Any monster that keeps itself far away from Crustaceor while dealing damage can cause him great trouble, and MZM is a very special case. 7 defense, cloaked units, Jump, as well as high damage output causes Crustaceor to cringe. How will I work on taking this ninja out?

#1: Protecting my homeland is top priority. With Blue Infiltrate, I have no doubt that Maxim greatly encourages his units to attack the enemy power base. Crustaceor depends quite heavily on having power die and since most SSS units have Cloak my slow blasting units won’t be able to obtain a whole lot of p-die through attacking. Thus I must make it as hard as possible for SSS units to reach my power base.

#2: I’m going to need to stay in Maxim’s face constantly, especially when he enters into his Mega form. Speed 7 with a range of 7 and Beat Back can easily keep Crustaceor away if Maxim keeps his distance. When fighting his Alpha I will probably be a bit more careful and try to keep my monsters health in top condition through healing. Once the mega comes out though, I’ll go all in. So long as I can keep the power dice flowing to Crustaceor, I should be able to take Maxim out fairly quickly.

#3: It won’t matter how well I guard my Power Base if I let the SSS get board control. That’s why I have to make sure I at least keep the playing field even in order to keep the SSS from getting a foothold on the map. I can hold off a few units, but the SSS can easily overwhelm me if I don’t regulate their control on the map.


Crustaceor is basically a sprinter. Due to low health and  defense, he has to move in one quick burst in order to beat the opponent to the finish line. Thankfully, he has plenty of triggers and potent units to help him do that. I now leave you with a song that matches all this talk of running a race.