Day 20: Pew-pew Power

There’s nothing quite like being able to pull off a two damage unit turn. Other people may find it more fun to attack their opponents units and power base, but scoring two damage on the opponent, something that they normally expect from my monster, is unbelievably satisfying. Plus, considering my units have triggers like Energy Sap and Red Power Gorge, attacking the opponents monster can be extra rewarding, making it an almost no brainer.

Monstrous help?:

First things first, can Crustaceor help my units lay on the pain? Unfortunately there is little he can do. Synch Move and Hoist help move some of my slower units into position, but that’s about it. He can also provide cover for my units, but that goes for any monster. This lobster pretty much keeps his power for himself.

Payload of Pain:

My monster may not be very helpful to my units, but considering almost all of them are excellent blasters, I think that evens thing out quite nicely. Let’s take a look at each aspect of my MonsterBusters.

Nautilus Blaster: 1*1 attack, long range, Red Power Gorge, and the most important skill of all, Armor Piercing, makes this unit a key attacker when targeting an enemy monster. This is why I include two in my army so that each attack on the target has the benefit of armor piercing.

I'm draining to your monster in more ways than one.

Maco Hunter Sub (Grunt and Elite): 1*1 (*2 with an elite), Disrupt, and Energy Sap makes these guys especially nasty to enemy monsters. Couple them with Energy Drain and High Security from a Defense Contractor, and you have a 2*6 attack that drains 2 a-die from the monster pool and sends the enemy monster back into its alpha if possible. Split the macos attacks, and you can potentially drain 4-6 a-die from the monster pool if the odds are favorable for a multi damage turn.

Hunter Koral: 1*2, Power Gorge, and Red Radar make this character unit especially useful for helping the other macos come in range of the monster just out of reach. Having an automatic 2 b-die is also helpful.

Grunt Vanguard: 1*1 and Power Gorge. It’s not a whole lot to look at, but if I have an extra a-die to use, this guy can be very helpful with that natural boost die.

Elite Marauder: 2*1, Indirect Fire, and Explosion. While the Marauder is not really worth spawning if I’m attacking the opponents monster directly, attacking a unit next to the enemy monster can sometimes be beneficial, especially if the unit is next to multiple morphers.

Nullifier Pod: He may not be able to attack the opponents monster, but Weaken is a skill that can instantly boost two 78% chance attacks to 88% chance attacks.

As you can see, this arsenal can be quite deadly, and it can even pull of a three damage attack if the conditions are right. Now it’s biggest weakness is that a lot of the units have short range and little mobility, and if my opponents monster is on the other end of the board it can be a problem. That’s why having a map with lots of mobility i.e. teleporters, is very important for my game. Of course, whether I have teleporters or not, should the enemy monster move onto my side of the field, he’s going to feel a lot of stinging blasts on his hide.

Let’s take this outside:

Should I splash some out of agenda units to attempt to increase my two damage chances? I would say the answer is a solid no. The only other skill that could potentially lower the enemy monster’s defense further is Spotter, and that only works if the figure with the skill is the same agenda, so that’s naturally out. Finally, since my units all have natural boost die, I don’t think that there is any significant unit out there that could greatly help in blasting. Considering all of that, I think there is no need for an out of agenda splash in my army.

Planning Ahead:

So what can I do to help ensure that I can land two damage on the enemy monster when it becomes necessary to do so? The biggest thing I must work on is getting my units out and about. Not having to spend a-die on spawning helps give me more dice to spend on attacks, which is quite important when you need 4-6 units to hit an enemy monster twice and some of them still need to move closer to the target. However, having all of my units out isn’t a good idea either, especially when it comes to the Nullifier Pod. Lowering the enemy monsters defense is essential, especially when it has 6+ def. If I put my Null Pod out in some random position, it may not be able to reach wherever my enemy is. That is why I try to keep the Saucer out in play, but I often hold the Null Pod back for when the need to lower defense rears its head. Other than that, besides trying to keep the more costly Elite units protected from destruction, that’s about all I can do to increase my possibilities.

Is this really important to you?:

Yes it is, especially where Mega Crustaceor is concerned. During my matches in MNM VI, I’ve learned just how squishy Mega Crustaceor is. I always had a pretty good idea of how fragile he can be, but now I realize he is the equivalent of a glass house (especially when he comes across Morphers). That said, being able to lay two damage onto the enemy monster is key in helping Crustaceor win the damage race. This isn’t to say that Crustaceor can’t quickly jump into the lead in the race of damage on his own, but when he comes up against monsters with more health and healing, it’s not an easy battle to win. Having his buddies there to help knock his opponents life force down a bit is something Crustaceor greatly benefits from, whether his opponent is a tough nut to crack or not.