Day 21: We units do more than shoot!

It certainly feels good to not only pull off a successful unit attack, but to also secure a building or two with the same attacking units. Even if I never get to benefit from my newly secured building due to my opponent disrupting me somehow, I still enjoy the fact that I did more than attack the enemy. But how do my units perform effective turns such as the one I just mentioned? Let us take a look.

What units do you have in your reserves that let you take effective unit turns?:

I would hope that all of my units count in the answer to this question, and I believe they do. I’ll do a basic summary here. The macos are best for securing a power base or for assaulting enemy units or the enemy monster. The Nautilus Blasters are mostly for attacking the enemy and not much else. Any unit with 6 speed is good for soft disruption, although the Psi Eel does it best, with the high defense Spiral Relay a close second. The Spiral Relay is also good at moving units with Red Sprint and Synch Move, which can be very helpful when trying to secure a building while also attacking. The Spadefin Skimmer has Tow to take care of any particularly pesky units, while the Marauder can take out delicious chocolate, er I mean unit, clusters. The Saucer can provide emergency screening while also setting up a power source with a Power Pod, or a trouble maker with the Nullifier Pod. Finally, the Grunt Vanguard acts as a shock trooper for any place he might be needed.

What do you see as the primary goals you want to accomplish on your unit turns in regards to your monster?:

As I’ve said before, providing p-die is the most important thing for Crustaceor. However, considering my units are excellent blasters, they don’t necessarily have to provide p-die through a power base. A secondary need Crustaceor asks from his units is that they provide him a screen. Therefore, surrounding Crustaceor while shooting at a low defense building or some enemy units can be potentially more beneficial than a classical power base, but that is not always the case. Different enemies can call for different tactics. The only other thing I would really want to try with my units after providing power and protection to Crustaceor is disrupting my opponents power base.

Do you often have board control? If so, what units do you want to be getting on the table to make sure you have effective unit turns?:

If I don’t have board control then I’m probably tied for it, but I mostly rule the board to one extent or another. The main reason why I can keep control is because I use my hearty macos for securing while my Nautilus Blasters and Elite Maurader take care of most enemy units. My Saucer is also good for controlling the map since he can place pods further out from the spawn zones.

What do you consider on your monster turn as far as setting yourself up for a successful unit turn?:

Since Crustaceors safety is top priority, I sometimes have to make my unit turns a little less effective in order to provide him with a screen. However, if Crustaceor has already protected himself, Hoist and Synch Move can help move some units closer to a high priority targetĀ  or into position to capture a building that can help them next turn (Such as buildings with the skill Discount or Intel).

Well this was a pretty short post. I’m excited about the next few Days because I think they’ll really help me learn exactly how to use Mega Crustaceor himself. I believe I fully understand the Invader units and how to make them sing, now I just need to figure how to bring my monster to his full potential.