Day 23: Divine Wind

Ultra Sky Sentinel

This is a tough match up for me no matter what I do.  With a 7 range blast and 7 defense in both forms he can be very tough to handle.  The thing about SS is that he tends to play Unit/Monster/Unit/Monster turn wise. Stealing turn order against him will be one of my goals.  Considering the fact that we are playing the same agenda means that our units games are going to be very similar, but his units are going to be able to hit a lot harder with Wing Leader.  Map choice is going to be a big deal in this game.  If I have to fight on say Boardwalk Brawl then I’m in some serious trouble.  My only chance on that map is if he starts on the Water side and I can Throw him into the Crystalline Building.  I would get first building placement so I can set that up.  I would also need to hit the Insurances scam on my opening unit turn.  It’s all moot though if they screen, but if they don’t then I think I have a fighting chance.  The key to my being successful against him will be to get a big lead in the damage curve, and to use Toss on blast to try and keep him away from easy heals.

Mega Zor-Maxim

I’ve heard may people say that Mega Hurricanus is MZM’s little sister.  I find that Mega Hurricanus has a lot of subtitles to her that are over looked.  One the key things to getting a win on MZM is to keep him from building up a lot of power.  I think that’s one of Mega Hurricanus’s specialties.  Power Strike on the Mega’s blast is going to be a big deal.  I also run an ION Cannon tank for disrupt, and it also has power drain.  Most players want to stay in their hyper form as much as they can for the big damage hit that MZM has, so being able to disrupt him down is a good strategy.  I think the big thing for this match will be positioning and the race on the damage curve.  With super damage and beat back on his blast he’s a beast to deal with, but he has to worry about Toss and Power Strike from me.  He can blast from 7, but I like to get in close, so that makes the range game less useful.  Now when I hyper down I have Weaken in play for my units.  Of the 4 monsters in this list I think I like this match up most of all.  I just don’t see MZM being as dominate anymore.  The game has evolved, and the over all level of play is a lot higher now then in the early days.  MZM is a great one trick pony, but sometimes one trick just isn’t enough.

Ultra Zor-Voltis

This guy is one of my favorite monsters.  Yes I said it.  I like the Zors, and him and Raiden are my favorites.  I’ve got a lot of respect for this guy, and it’s why I think he’s one of the best Zors.  He can really do a lot of things well.  He’s one of the fastest and most mobile of Monsters in the game.  His already fast and mobile units are that much better with blue hit and run on blast.  Voltis can run several different types of games.  He can be a super blaster, or he can be a swatting machine.  He can snipe then hit and run back to being cloaked.  I don’t worry too much about cloak because I have TK.  I also don’t mind getting close for my attacks.  The key for me will be getting the first big hit.  If I start to fall behind the damage curve then I’m going to be in trouble.  Power denial is going to good but not as good as I would like.  He has cheap hyper cost of 3, and Power gorge on blast to get P dice back.  Having both Toss and TK for a screen break means he’s going to have a tough time finding a safe place to hit and run to.

Mega Yasheth

I’ve played a few games against this monster but just not as much as I would like.  The Alpha form is the key to this guy.  He’s got Leach and Vampirism on this form.  He also has power sink so I will try and place the Stock Exchange in a good out of the way spot to keep him from collecting free P dice.  My Goal is to try and kill the Alpha form quickly.  If he can Bleed and Leach a point on his unit turn, then that’s a 3 point shift in the damage curve.  I have to take advantage of my better manuverablity then him.  In his Alpha form he has no movement ability, and he doesn’t have a blast stat in either form.  If I can screen well enough I can limit his damage back.  I can’t let him build up units, and if he does then I have to make him want to shoot at other things besides my Monster.  I’ll try and use Counter Measures on the ToCs to slow down his board control and Alpha form Hurricanus has extinguish for those pesky Hellfonts.  Weaken will make taking out the ToCs that much easier and give me a lot more power.  The Mega is a different beast.  Cloak and Disable is a nasty combo.  This means I’m going to have to make sure I have a good stream of power dice coming in to get those hits.  I think my power denial game will help against Yasheth, but like Voltis his hyper cost is only 3 so it’s not going to help as much.  The Fling trigger that Tornadus has will be a key to getting around the mega forms Cloak and Disable combo.  Fighting for board control will be a big factor during this game.  Can’t let him take a lead in units or Leach will eat me alive.