Day 24: Medical Monsters

Repair vehicles, human munchies, unit munchies, and nuclear waste energy drinks. Almost every faction in MonPoc has access to healing in one way or another. Unless you bring a boatload of Cathedrals, it’s almost impossible to stop, especially when it comes to healing with units. Since Crustaceor is a Nature monster, I’m going to want access to healing myself, so bringing Cathedrals is pretty much out of the question. How then am I going to defeat monsters that can heal instantly with a single unit action or something along those lines? It basically boils down to making sure that the time they’ve bought does nothing for them.

You want to heal? Deal:

So how exactly does Mega Crustaceor deal with healing? Besides doing it himself on occasion, basically nothing. My mindset when coming against a healing monster is to just make sure I hit him hard and that healing only makes the game last longer and does not give him a strong edge in the damage race. I may not be able to form him by his healing a point, but if I have board control and his p-die aren’t doing very well, that point of health won’t last him long. Here are my thoughts on dealing with each type of healing:

Unit Action: When it comes to healing by a unit action, there’s not much I can do. If I can somehow take out a healing unit while also doing damage to the enemy monster, I’ll do it, but on a map like Kill Agains Island, my opponent can easily spawn, move, and heal himself regardless if I take out the unit or not. In certain situations I might be able to block a unit from reaching the enemy monster, but that’s not likely on a teleporter filled map.

Brawling a building: Naturally one way to completely stop this type of healing is by destroying all of the buildings. However, I bring High Occupancy buildings to the table for the purpose of healing Crustaceor, so I wouldn’t want to destroy all of them even if I’m against another Nature monster. I believe that so long as I keep my High Occupancy buildings close to my side, the fact that my opponent could heal from my own buildings is a fair enough trade when considering that he’s also within range of my units. However, destroying a Nuclear Power Plant would probably be top priority for my units since those things are deadly to Crustaceor in more ways than just healing.

Healing by the destruction of a unit: There’s not a whole lot I can do to prevent this type of healing either. For monsters that need the ability given to them ( i.e. Red Munch Brawl) I can try to keep units away from the Green Fury Van so they’re out of range for healing, but against monsters like Pteradax or Rakadon who just need to find a unit to get adjacent to, stopping them from healing is usually not even worth trying. Monsters who heal by an action such as Sacrifice can be stopped if I practice absolute board control or at least make sure the only units he has out on the board are way back on his side, but against monsters like Cthugrosh, this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Healing with Leach: This is probably my worst enemy since units can already quite easily poke holes through Crustaceor, and now the enemy monster is getting an even greater benefit from it. The only thing I can do to prevent this life-sapping advantage from destroying me is to make sure that I don’t get too close to my opponents side of the board and that I try to position Crustaceor so he’s out of range of where most enemy units would try to reach him. Taking board control can make it harder for my opponent to hit Crustaceor with his units, but many factions can easily spawn and move a good blasting force for a 5 def monster.

At least you have insurance.

Did I mention how much it would cost you to heal?:

While I partially discussed some cost increasing tactics in the previous section, there are a few I left out to discuss here.

You’re such a Sap: My strongest weapon in increasing the cost of healing is my ability to drain precious a-die with Energy Sap on my macos. If I’m able to hit three different enemy units with each of my macos, I can drain a total of 3 a-die from the unit pool, a whole move, spawn, and heal amount for units like the repair truck and meat slave. If I can obtain Energy Drain on my Defense Contractor for my macos and I manage to lay two damage on the enemy monster with them, the sudden 4 a-die loss in the monster pool can make healing with Munch before (or after) attacking my monster an almost unthinkable turn for the enemy. Even if the enemy monster can heal with Sacrifice, having to move, heal, and attack with 4 less a-die is a cringing idea.

You ain’t got time to bleed: I do have two weapons that can greatly slow down any healing units, the Nullifier Pod and Spadefin Skimmer. By placing the Nullifier Pod in a strategic position near spawn points, any healing unit will barely be able to move from where it spawned before it has to stop in its tracks. Unless the opponents monster is quite close to his spawn points, I can probably stop any healing unit from getting anywhere fast at least for a turn. In some ways the Nullifier Pod also helps stop a monster from healing with Leach by dramatically slowing down its attacking units, although this usually doesn’t work as well. The Spadefin Skimmer is excellent for immobilizing the pedestrian healing units by Towing them to little islands surrounded by rough or impassible terrain. There’s a section on Kill Agains Island that’s perfect for trapping pedestrian units. It’s that thin strip of concrete on the corner of the Blue side that has a spawn point, power zone, and teleporter squished between two buildings. So long as the one building isn’t destroyed, any pedestrian unit towed there is stuck for good unless it is destroyed or moved back by a comrade.

What can heal you only makes me stronger:  It usually takes around three to four units to attack an enemy monster, and those units often have to stick close to each other to share powerful benefits, so even if my opponent is attacking and healing off of me with Leach, he is most likely providing me delicious unit clusters for me to obtain p-die from with explosion. While being able to heal while also doing damage is still immensely powerful, providing me with easy p-die greatly increases my ability to do high enough damage that makes healing no help at all.

How I’ll hurt a 5 health and healing monster:

So how well does mega Crustaceor do against a monster with 5 health in both forms and access to some kind of healing? With the exception of Yasheth, quite well actually. Let’s say that I’m in my mega form and the only things I can power attack my opponent into are hazards and buildings with rubble. I hit him for 3 damage by body slamming him into one of these things (1 from attack, 2 from Crunch, 3 from hazard or building). He might take a unit turn and heal himself by 1 so he now has 3 health. All I need to do is power attack him into another hazard or building again, and so long as Crunch kicks in I have just eliminated his form. Naturally if I can power attack the enemy monster into an even more damaging building, I can make it impossible for him to heal himself to safety. Still, just being able to deal 3 damage with hazards is immensely powerful even against monsters that can slightly erase that damage. Only Yasheth possesses the ability to nearly heal himself to full health. I would say that my damage curve against a 5 health healing monster is especially strong, and even 6+ health monsters are fairly easy to get ahead of in the damage race if I play my attacks right.

Healing doesn’t (usually) hurt me:

When I started writing this Day, I went in thinking that there was very little I could do to hinder healing. However, after considering the weapons in my unit and monster arsenal, I feel pretty confident in being able to nullify most forms of healing in one way or another. I will probably have the hardest time dealing with Leach due to Crustaceors low defense, but thankfully not a whole lot of monsters have that ability at this point. Stopping healing with an action like Repair or Bleed will not be easy since I also like to use the Nullifier Pod for its Weaken ability on the enemy monster, but if it can stop those units from healing for a good while it might be worth the price. Other than that I would say I feel pretty confident in combating the other forms of healing. Whether I stop the medicine by just keeping ahead of the damage curve with Crunch or by destroying it all together, I feel that taking most healing monsters down will be a pleasure.