Day 29: Divine Wind

Risk is an interesting topic.  After having missed some big rolls in some big games, I don’t have a high tolerance for risk.  That being said, for Hurricanus I tend to play a little more on the risky side.  I’m willing to cross the board early if I can land a big hit, even if it means rolling lower odds.  Now so far this has paid off for me, but I don’t expect it to work all the time.  I may be risky with my rolls, but not with the other details I can control.  If I do rush across the board then I’m going to be careful with my monster placement.  I’m not going to give an easy counter attack.  If I land my big early hit, and I gain a lead in the damage curve, then I’ll start making sure my die rolls stay as high as I can make them.  I’m also trying to keep my opponents rolls as low as possible by draining their power dice.  For me as a player I like to keep my rolls in the 85 to 95% range, and higher if I can get it.  I think Playing Hurricanus has helped me relax my risk level which in turn has made things a little more fun for me.

Wind Power

We have talked about a number of subtle parts of the game.  Turn Position, and Board Control, but there’s another game that’s going on as well.  The Energy Game.  More P dice equals better odds and more options.  This is part of the game that I want to win.  I have great units for disruption, and they are also great at generating power dice thanks to Rage.  I like Rage better then Power gorge because all I have to do is assist in the attack to get the extra P die.  The more I can keep my opponent starved for Power dice the better off I am.  Turn Position and Board Control help this out, but they aren’t the only way to gain power.  Good thing for me I have lots of ways to remove and to gain power.

London’s Falling

The thing I’m looking for at the end of the game is ways to keep me up on the damage curve.  As games go on buildings rapidly get destroyed, and as that happens Toss becomes less effective.  Without buildings I’m looking to ignite tiles in key positions to help keep the curve up.  Hazardous units can also help with this especially if they belong to the opponent.  It could be that I need to go back to back so I can setup the game winning Toss/Power attack, if this is the case then making sure that Beacon isn’t available is key.  Against UCI and the Robo Brontox, there’s nothing really you can do about this.  Against Forces that use buildings, I can either use an Earth Avatar’s Counter Measures, or just take the building out.  If I see that they are going to catch up or overtake me in the damage curve, then I’m going to make sure that I keep them as starved for power dice as I can to lower their odds.  If I can get them to take a bad roll then I’m good with that.